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MilliporeSigma Biopharma Recycling Program

Merck:/Freestyle/DIV-Divisional/Corporate-Responsibility/CR-Images/recycle-biopharma.jpgAs part of our commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of our products, we have designed a product recycling program. The program has been set up through an exclusive partnership with Triumvirate Environmental to enable bioprocess manufacturing customers to fully recycle all single-use and disposable products, including bio-hazardous classified material.

Merck:/Freestyle/DIV-Divisional/Corporate-Responsibility/CR-Images/trium.jpgRecyclable materials include single-use bags, tubing and connectors, cartridge and capsule filters, clarification and depth filters, and empty chemical containers and drums. Once recycled, these materials are turned into industrial-grade plastic lumber products, such as landscaping timbers, retaining walls, speed bumps, parking blocks and plastic shipping pallets.

Merck:/Freestyle/DIV-Divisional/Corporate-Responsibility/CR-Images/PI_Innovation-Awards.pngMilliporeSigma awarded Pharma Innovator Award for Recycling Program – read now!

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Unique Process
  • Triumvirate’s innovative process utilizes the entire product to manufacture new recycled products
  • No segregation or disassembly of products required
  • Safe and tested to accept both biohazardous and non-hazardous classified materials
  • Full traceability from collection to processing
Accepts all Single-use Products
  • Depth filters
  • Cartridge and capsule filters
  • Bioreactor bags, tubing and assemblies
  • Protective gowns, shoe covers and hair nets
  • All manufacturer’s products can be included
Meets Goals
  • Landfill diversion
  • Zero-Waste
  • Recycling %

MilliporeSigma awarded Pharma Innovator Award for Recycling Program – read now!