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Employee Culture

At MilliporeSigma, our culture encompasses many diverse elements of our business and our community, from the principles, beliefs, and systems that define our workplace and support our employees, to the business ethics and culture that inform our citizenship in the communities where we live and work. Our values — courage, achievement, responsibility, respect, integrity and transparency — provide ongoing focus, while informing our business relationships and how we work together. We offer a number of programs and incentives to drive a productive workplace and an enrolled employee culture.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that workforce diversity promotes innovation and better team performance. A good balance between different cultures, nationalities and age groups, as well as between male and female employees, is conducive to our entrepreneurial success. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of furthering workforce diversity and including all employees in divisional operations in the best possible way (workforce inclusion). We are focused on increasing the proportion of women in management positions, while highlighting internationality and demography as two further areas to address our diversity activities.

Furthermore, we seek to attract, hire, develop and retain employees with a highly diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Key tools that we are utilizing include facilitating cross-cultural intra-group interaction, incorporating a diversity component in future talent evaluations and defining clear objectives for the division.

Recruitment & Development

We know that the best results are achieved when both the employee and the company feel that the fit is right, and when there is an excellent match between the team member’s passions and skills, and the team’s needs. Our recruiting and development process is built around the values we demonstrate every day at MilliporeSigma and our parent company, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. Using these values as the foundation, we focus on finding candidates who are a good match and continually foster their development as they build their careers with us. Please learn more by visiting our Careers.

We use the Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany Competency Compass to clearly identify the critical aspects of each team member’s role and help them maximize their strengths, while simultaneously developing areas for improvement. It provides employees with guidance on living the values and the expected behavior for effective performance at MilliporeSigma.

Our Learning Management System, GATE, provides employees with access to skills-based and competency-based training in various subject areas. These courses may be applicable to employees across the company and are offered by both internal and external subject matter experts.

Life Balance

We want to help our employees to achieve a good balance between their professional and personal goals. Our employees are highly dedicated to their work, but we understand that they have other commitments outside of work that are just as important, such as family and community. Maintaining a well-balanced life leads to improved performance in all areas. In order to best understand and support our employees’ needs in terms of work/life balance, we maintain a regular dialogue with them through mechanisms such as the PULSE survey.

In addition, our employees can make use of our flexible working program, FlexWorks. FlexWorks is a unique, flexible workspace throughout our sites that allows employees to work when and where they are most productive, improving productivity, while reducing commuting and travel. In addition to enhancing flexibility and quality of life for employees participating in the program, FlexWorks allows us to reduce the demand on office space.

Corporate Responsibility Incentives

We offer a number of programs and incentives to educate, encourage and actively engage our employees in our mission to improve environmental performance both in the workplace and in their personal lives at home. Continuing our drive to help employees make more environmentally sound and sustainable choices both at work and at home, we offer three incentive programs for U.S. employees:

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Program

The Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Program encourages the purchase or lease of hybrid or electric vehicles, which conserve fuel and have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional gas-powered vehicles. The program allows eligible employees who have purchased or leased a qualified U.S. EPA SmartWay® Elite Green Vehicle to receive up to $3,500 from the company.

Over 120 MilliporeSigma employees have already taken advantage of this incentive. Anne Pease, North American Customer Service, is one of them. “By switching to a hybrid vehicle I have found a 40% increase in my average MPG, going from 300 miles per tank to 420 miles per tank,” said Anne. “This has reduced my emissions by approximately 50 kg of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) per tank. With a roundtrip commute of 120 miles, I’m extremely thankful for my hybrid vehicle and would not have been able to purchase it without the help of this incentive.”

Home Solar Installation Program

The Home Solar Installation Program aims to encourage employees to use solar energy at home. We offer a $1,000 incentive to eligible employees who have installed either a solar electric system or solar hot water system.

North American Lab Water Customer Service employee Nico Charbonnier took advantage of the incentive to install a solar panel system which has cut his monthly energy costs in half. “Over 20 years, the complete cost for powering my home with the solar panels will be only $6,000, compared to upwards of $21,000 I would have had to pay had I continued to rely on my local energy provider.” explained Nico. “By using solar power over this time period, not only am I saving a significant amount of money, but I am able to avoid greenhouse gas emissions in an amount equivalent to taking 15 cars off the road for a year (73 metric tons CO2e).”

Home Energy Audit Program

The Home Energy Audit Program allows employees to take advantage of a home energy audit to identify substantial energy and cost savings. We provide up to $100 towards the cost of a home energy audit to eligible employees.

Commuting Programs

Some of our employees are committed to reducing vehicle-related emissions through carpooling, public transportation, bicycling, and other alternative means of transportation going to and from our sites. In Molsheim, France, for example, a facility-wide carpooling program, MilliMove, is taking 112 cars off the road and saving 247 metric tons of CO2 per year.

In Temecula, California, employees took a survey to determine the average vehicle ridership, with the aim of achieving a rate of at least 1.30, as required by the regional air quality management district. In addition, in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area, where we maintain several facilities, we provide ongoing education about several travel options to employees through our MassRIDES partnership.

Awareness Programs

Throughout the year, we develop awareness campaigns around Earth Month, Energy Month and World Water Week to further engage employees with respect to various corporate responsibility topics and educate them on tangible actions they can take at home or the office to reduce their environmental impact. The campaigns, which extend throughout our sites globally, include educational materials and sessions, volunteer opportunities, fairs, and contests.

During our most recent Earth Month campaign, we held an employee photo contest and asked employees to submit photos that answer the question, “How do you re-imagine tomorrow?” We received amazing photographs from around the world portraying different perspectives on the future.

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