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Even More Efficiency and Control

Storage with a Difference

The main concern when storing purified water is the degradation of water purity over time. Only a strict adherence to suitable reservoir materials, associated with careful design and appropriate protection against airborne contaminants, can ensure consistent water quality during storage.

Polyethylene (PE) Storage Tanks

30, 60 and 100 L PE Reservoirs
  • 30 Liters
  • 60 Liters
  • 100 Liters

Storage and Distribution Systems (SDS)

SDS 200 and 350 liter reservoirs
  • 200 Liters
  • 350 Liters

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    Q-POD® and E-POD®

    Automatic Sanitization
    Modules (ASM)

    Learn more about Q-POD® and E-POD® Dispensers

    Free up space on your bench.
    The remote dispenser is always within reach. Its multicolor graphic display allows easy interaction with the system and provides information about water quantity and quality so the system can now be placed where it is most convenient – under the bench, on the wall… Up to three PODs can be used with each production unit at different locations.

    Available with Milli-Q® Advantage A10,
    Milli-Q® Integral and Elix® Advantage.
    Learn more about Automatic Sanitization Modules

    UV Sanitization: A sound investment for stored water purity.
    The ASM is designed to prevent the growth and proliferation of bacteria and the resulting biofilm on the inner surface of storage tanks. 10 minutes of daily UV exposure is sufficient and eliminates the need for regular chemical sanitization.


    Air Gap Device

    Washer Distribution Kit

    Learn more about the Air Gap Device

    No more risk of bacteriological contamination coming from the drain.
    Protect your water system. The air gap creates a stream of water without wall contact, thus preventing bacteria from moving upwards from the drain to the water system. It is delivered with a support that can be screwed into place vertically on a wall, or on laboratory furniture.
    Learn more about Washer Distribution Kits

    Cost-effective solution for a pressurized pure water feed.
    Designed to supply your laboratory appliances with a constant source of high quality pressurized pure water with flow rates between 15 - 16.2 L/min (at 1 bar or 15 psi, depending on voltage). Fast, simple and universal installation, with bench, under bench or wall-mounted options. Its automatic Start/Stop of water flow to appliances is ensured by an integrated pressure switch.


    Water Sensors

    A10® TOC Monitor

    Learn more about Water Sensors

    No more risk of flooding.
    The water sensor detects water spillage on the floor or bench and automatically closes the inlet solenoid valve to protect the surroundings from water damage. It can be installed on the laboratory’s main piping feeding the system or directly on the system itself.
    Learn more about the A10® TOC Monitor

    Get rapid and accurate measurement of the TOC level with the A10® TOC independent monitor.
    This small analytical instrument will measure accurately Total Oxidizable Carbon between 1 and 999 ppb TOC values, and can be submitted to a TOC suitability test as described in the US and European Pharmacopoeia.

Application Specialists - Help you design the laboratory water system best adapted to your needs. Contact an Expert..

Application Specialists
Help you design the laboratory water system best adapted to your needs.

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The Waterline Club - A section devoted to scientists and researchers.

The Waterline Club
A section devoted to scientists and researchers.

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