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Calcium Folinate

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Leucovorin Calcium

Calcium FolinateWe offer two forms of Calcium Folinate - a crystalline form suitable for solid formulations such as tablets, and an amorphous form, which quickly dissolves and is advantageous during the production of solutions or lyophilisates. Both forms of Calcium Folinate are produced in dedicated equipment, according to validated production processes.
  • Calcium Folinate crystalline (Leucovorin Calcium crystalline), (6R,S)-5-Formytetrahydrofolic acid, Calcium Salt
  • Calcium Folinate amorphous (Leucovorin Calcium amorphous), (6R,S)-5-Formytetrahydrofolic acid, Calcium Salt
Our Calcium Folinate fulfills specifications that are tighter than the requirement of the European or U.S. Pharmacopoeia. Furthermore, we maintain a U.S. DMF, a certificate of Suitability (CEP) and a Common Technical Document (CTD) in Japan. Additional documents such as a Kosher-, non-GMO, or TSE-certificate are also available.