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MilliporeSigma offers a complete range of high-quality solvents for your instrumental analysis applications – from HPLC to gas chromatography and spectroscopy to NMR applications.

LiChrosolv® high-performance solvents are the right choice for analytical and fast HPLC and also for LC-MS applications. They are suitable for UV analysis, fluorescence and mass detection and offer high resolution and sensitivity. Uvasol® solvents specially are designed for applications that demand solvents of the highest spectral purity and are widely used in IR, UV and fluorescence spectroscopy.

SupraSolv® and UniSolv® solvents are ideal for all gas chromatography lab applications such as pesticide and dioxin analysis and prepared for use with various detector systems (ECD, FID & MS) or headspace sampling. MagniSolv® deuterated solvents offer extremely low residual water, excellent chemical purity and the highest isotopic enrichment for NMR, the most important method in the structural analysis of organic molecules.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
103591 Dimethyl sulfoxide-D6
108327 Toluene
543899 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone
103132 1,4-Dioxane
100789 Ethyl acetate
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Reliable pesticide analysis

Reliable Pesticide Analysis

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Accurate dioxin detection

Accurate Dioxin Detection
Analysis by GC-MS

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