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With industry-leading sterile filtration devices based on 50 years of membrane filtration expertise, EMD Millipore supports conventional and emerging formats for mammalian cell culture. Today, our innovative Cell Culture Systems solutions range from cell culture inserts and filter plates to optimized Cell Culture platforms for precise microenvironment control.

Cell Preparation: Tools that you need to minimize contamination risk and maximize workflow efficiency while preparing your media for cell culture.

Cell Growth: Whatever your cell culture growth needs, we have a plate, insert or vessel that can help you obtain the optimal cell culture results.

Cell Analysis: In addition to our solid base in assay tools and products, we offer new, novel cell culture technologies and cell culture platforms for high content data collection and analysis.

Scepter™ 2.0
Automated Cell Counter

Scepter 2.0 Automated Cell Counter

Count cells and monitor cell health right in the culture hood with the Scepter™ 2.0 cell counter.

Vacuum Driven Sterile Filters

Muse Cell Analyzer

Ideally suited for sterile filtration of cell culture media, buffers and reagents.

Sterile Millex®
Syringe Filters

guava easyCyte Flow Cytometers

Millex® Syringe filters set the standard for reliable small volume filtration.


Amnis Imaging Flow Cytometers

Simplify your cell analysis by using the Millicell® EZ SLIDE to culture, fix, stain and view your sample all in one device.

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NEW White Paper-Elispot assays: state-of-the-art tools for functional analysis of cellular immunology

Recent improvements to the design of multiwell microplates, including use of membranes with reduced background fluorescence, have bolstered the widespread application of Elispot assays. When assay sensitivity, ease of use, and cost are all taken into consideration, the Elispot platform is likely the superior choice for the development of multifunctional T cell assays for the research, therapeutic, and diagnostic communities.
New Cell Culture Systems Platform: CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Platform

Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Culture/scepter.jpgCellASIC ONIX microfluidic platform gives researchers dynamic and precise control over live cells for long-term analysis experiments.

Live cell imaging

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Scepter 2.0 Cell Counter

Scepter™ 2.0
Precise cell counting

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