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Sterility testing is required for monitoring all products that are manufactured according to GMP and purporting to be sterile. But not all sterility testing solutions are created equal. Quality, convenience and suitability can vary greatly – affecting the credibility of your findings. Indeed, false negative results may lead to the release of contaminated products, with potentially severe consequences for both patients and manufacturers. On the other hand, cross-contamination and false positive results would imply lengthy and costly investigations, as well as possible product hold or rejection.

Sterility Testing
  • Extensive product portfolio meets all requirements for critical and controlled testing environments 
  • Consistent, high-quality products for accurate and reliable sterility test results 
  • Competence in regulatory and customer-specific requirements 
  • Product services: Application and method development, PQ consulting support, and training 
  • Instrumentation services: Validation protocols,
    on-site equipment validation (IQ/OQ), calibration and preventive maintenance 


With a broad range of high-quality products, ready-to-use validation protocols, and comprehensive services, we provide optimal solutions for all your sterility testing applications. We offer 40 years of expertise in compliance of regulatory requirements for sterility testing. Manufacturing and validation are performed according to stringent quality standards in ISO® 9001:2000-certified facilities.


We are the leading manufacturer of sterility testing systems. The Steritest™ closed filtration devices were invented 40 years ago, in1974, to minimize the risk of false results and have been proven to be the most reliable filtration devices available on the market. When used in combination with our Steritest™ Pumps, with automatic closure and SOP assistance mode, and our Steritest™ media and rinsing solutions, the results are of unmatched reliability.


We provide a broad range of culture media and fluids suitable for virtually any sterility testing application. These applications include:

  • TSB for media fill 
  • FTM/TSB media for filterable samples 
  • Media intended for direct inoculation

Serving as your one-stop supplier, we have based our range on extensive experience in sample preparation devices, hardware equipment, culture media, rinsing fluids and services for equipment and methods. But we don’t stop there. We are continuously developing new products and services to help you optimize your sterility tests with maximum safety and confidence. When results count, you can count on us.

Steritest™ Symbio Pumps

Steritest™ Symbio Pumps

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