Bioburden Testing Solutions

For bioburden testing in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, EMD Millipore provides a complete portfolio of products and services designed to ensure microbiologically safe drugs and cosmetics. Our products range from traditional to rapid and are based on proven technologies such as membrane filtration and fluorescence-based, non-destructive detection.

Milliflex® Filtration Units for Reliable Test Results

Milliflex® Filtration SystemEMD Millipore’s Milliflex® filtration units maximize sample preparation efficiency and reliability for bioburden testing. These pre-sterilized and ready-to-use Milliflex® filter funnel units eliminate time-consuming washing, bagging, autoclaving, and equipment handling. The Milliflex® units are disposable. After filtering your sample, you simply break off the funnel from the membrane-containing part of the unit. Sanitizing the Milliflex® Plus vacuum pump, with which the filtration units are used, is easy and hardly disrupts your workflow.

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The Complete Range of Media Casettes

Media cassettesFor bioburden testing, EMD Millipore maintains a complete range of agar-based media in convenient, pre-filled, ready-to-use cassettes. Our high purity ingredients and ISO-certified manufacturing processes give Milliflex® media a longer shelf life than formulations prepared on-site. We extensively test each lot of media for pH, sterility assurance, recovery of ATCC strains typically found in bioburden applications, and product formulation. A Certificate of Quality containing all relevant test data is included in every box. Our media conform to the requirements set forth in the European, US and Japanese pharmacopeias.

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The Rapid Testing Alternative Milliflex® Quantum

Milliflex® QuantumBe the first to learn how easy it really is to use the Milliflex® Quantum rapid system in your lab to detect microbial contamination faster, improving your process control. Ideally suited for testing raw materials, water and drug products.

  • It’s non-destructive: you can easily recover and collect any microorganisms detected for identification using existing ID technology.
  • It’s easy to use: with a simple protocol, the hardware and a workflow, it only takes a few hours to familiarize yourself with the system and begin using it. Validation is streamlined due to limited hardware needing to be used.
  • It's results compare with those using traditional methods: Being based on compendial methods using EMD Millipore's proven Milliflex® filtration devices, the Milliflex® Quantum system just requires a few additional steps. Sample preparation and incubation conditions are identical to traditional microbiological methods, as is the reporting of actual membrane filtration, which facilitates the validation process.
  • It’s faster than traditional methods: the microbiological results are available in a fraction of the time that traditional methods take, allowing you to respond to contamination earlier in the process – and, ultimately, save time and money.

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