Opticap® Disposable Capsule Filters

The Next Generation in Disposable Capsules

Opticap® XL and Opticap® XLT

Opticap® XL and XLT capsule filters

These versatile capsules are available in a wide range of media, surface areas, pore sizes, and inlet/outlet connections to meet your every clarification, prefiltration and final filtration application.

Disposable format requires no cleaning, assembly or cleaning validation. That translates to less downtime and greater ease of use than stainless steel housings. 

Easy Connection
Choose sanitary flange or hose barb inlet/outlet connections to match your application needs.

Added Convenience
Adjustable, easy to turn upstream vents and drain valves with O-ring seals for easy process control. The ribbed housing is easy to grip even with gloved hands.

Robust Construction
Patented design allows unparalleled thermal and hydraulic stress resistance in a disposable filter.

Opticap® XL 150, 300 and 600 devices have the option to add a filling bell to protect an open container from airborne particles.

Opticap® XL Capsule Filters 

Opticap® XL disposable capsule filters have a unique capsule design that minimizes hold-up volume and reduces production losses. Opticap® XL 150, 300, 600, 3, 5 and 10 capsules are available with multiple membrane options, in autoclavable, sterile and gamma-compatible formats.

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Opticap® XLT 10, 20 and 30 Capsule Filters 

Opticap® XLT disposable T-line capsule filters are available with or without a pressure gauge port for ease in monitoring process conditions. The T-line design accommodates series or parallel filtration to match your application needs, and a specially-designed stand enables quick and easy integration into your existing process.

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OptiScale® Process Development Screening ToolOptiScale® Process Development Screening Tool

OptiScale® disposable capsule filters provide a convenient small volume option for process screening and scaling. These “drop in” filters are faster and easier to set up than conventional 25 mm and 47 mm discs, and completely disposable. OptiScale® capsule filters offer speed-to-market strategies for efficiently developing compounds and biotherapeutics.

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Sterile Filter Selector Interactive App - Learn More

Sterile Filter Selector
Interactive app

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Mobius® Single-use Interactive Demo

Mobius® Single-use
Interactive demo

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