Virus Control

Regulatory guidance advocates virus control at various stages of the drug manufacturing process, directing that you:
  • Select and test source materials for the absence of virus
  • Test the capacity of the production process to remove or inactivate virus
  • Test the product at appropriate stages of production for detectable virus
Partnering with a company that can assist you through all of these critical steps is an important factor. Explore our areas below, including our Virus Filtration products, to see how we can help ensure viral safety.

Critical Steps

Virus Filtration

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Virus Inactivation

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Meet Your Virus Safety Team
Sal Giglia, Pricipal Applications Engineer

Sal GigliaSal Giglia, Pricipal Applications Engineer

Claim to Fame: Inventor of Binary Gas Test and Selective Layering
Specialy Area: Development of patented binary gas test
Education: Univeristy of Massachusetts, MS Chemical Engineering
Fun Fact: Sal travels with his tennis racquet in hand and has played the game in 25+ states and 8+ countries.
  • Improving the capacity of virus filtration membranes by robust pre-filtrations
  • Process Development Best Practices: Optimizing normal flow membrane filters operated in series
  • Improving the Consistency of Virus Filtration Membrane Performance by Selective Layering
  • Ensuring Integrity of Virus Filtration Devices: MilliporeSigma’s Patented Binary Gas Test for Viresolve® Pro Filters
  • Improving the Accuracy of Membrane Filters Scale-up

Paul Genest, Senior Consulting Engineer

Paul GenestPaul Genest, Senior Consulting Engineer

Claim to Fame: Founder of viresolve User Group
Specialy Area: Virus Filtration and Ultrafiltration
Education: Univerisity of New Hampshire, Masters Chemical Engineering
Fun Fact: Enjoys coaching his 6 and 8 year old children's sports teams (baseball, basketball and tennis).
  • Paul Genest, Jennifer Campbell, Susan Crump, Mark Cabatingan, and Fudu Miao. 2006. "An Improved Method for Virus Filter Qualification and Implementation." Bioprocess International. 4(11), 44-47.
  • Genest, P.W., Field, T.G., Vasudevan, P.T., and Palekar, A.A. 1998. "Continuous purification of porcine lipase by rotating annular size-exclusion chromatography, Appl." Biochem. Biotechnol. 73, 215-230.

Damon Asher, Senior Scientist, Virology

Damon AsherDamon Asher, Senior Scientist, Virology

Claim to Fame: Co-Inventor of TrueSpike™
Specialy Area: Developement of highly purified virus preparations for use in virus spiking studies, novel adventitious agent detection and clearance technologies.
Education: Harvard University, PH.D. Immunology, Harvard Medical School, Masters Biomedical Sciences
Fun Fact: Damon's only "B" in High School was in Microbiology. His mother blamed his grade on his girlfriend at the time. However, Damon went on to marry that girl and build a successful career in Virology.

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