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CDUF050LC | Helicon SS50 Spiral Wound Cartridge PLCC 5 kDa

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      Replacement Information

      Key Specifications Table

      Catalogue NumberCDUF050LC
      Trade Name
      • Helicon
      DescriptionHelicon SS50 Spiral Wound Cartridge PLCC 5 kDa
      Product Information
      Device ConfigurationSpiral Cartridge
      Filter CodePLCC
      Maximum Inlet Pressure, bar (psi)14 bar (200 psi)
      Prefiltration Requirements150 µm
      Filter TypeUltrafiltration
      Good Manufacturing PracticesThese products are manufactured in a facility which adheres to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.
      NMWL5 kDa
      Key Applications
      • Protein Purification
      • Analytical Sample Prep
      Biological Information
      Physicochemical Information
      pH RangepH2 – pH12
      Recirculation Rate40–57 L/min
      Membrane Area40 ft²
      Length65 cm (25.6 in.)
      Diameter9.9 cm (3.9 in.)
      Filtration Area3.7 m²
      Materials Information
      Adhesive MaterialEpoxy
      • Regenerated Cellulose (RC)
      Device Material
      • Center Tube, Shell and Chevron Support Disk: polysulfone
      • Fold Reinforcement: Polyethylene
      Screen Material
      • Feed/retentate: polyethylene (PE)
      • Permeate: polypropylene (PP)
      Seal MaterialEPDM
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Packaging Information
      Material Size1
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information




      Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

      Certificates of Quality

      Helicon SS50 Module - C0AA85537
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0AA88853
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0BA92177
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0BA98564
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0CA09258
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0CA17043
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0EA28487
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0JA61062
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0MA86575
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0NA86549
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0NA91012
      Helicon SS50 Module - C0SA95868
      Helicon SS50 Module - C1AA36549
      Helicon SS50 Module - C1BA47494
      Helicon SS50 Module - C1CA55863
      Helicon SS50 Module - C1DA72545
      Helicon SS50 Module - C1EA57392
      Helicon SS50 Module - C1EA77701
      Helicon SS50 Module - C1EA81633
      Helicon SS50 Module - C1HA86424
      Helicon SS50 Module - C1MA21313
      Helicon SS50 Module - C2KA11027
      Helicon SS50 Module - C2MA64038
      Helicon SS50 Module - C2MA68469
      Helicon SS50 Module - C9MN40800
      Helicon SS50 Module - C9NN58520
      Helicon SS50 Module - C9PN65785
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge C4KA95853
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge C4MA95859
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge C4MA95861
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge C4MA95862
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge - C2NA85423
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge - C2SA18095
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge - C3CA88402
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge - C3EA95754
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge - C3HA51432
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge - C3KA77696
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge - C3KA90575
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge - C3MA90547
      Helicon SS50 Spiral Cartridge - C4CA30093
      Helicon SS50 Spirals Cartridge - C3HA11832
      Helicon® SS50 Module - C0HA49832
      Helicon® SS50 Module - C0NA91075
      Helicon® SS50 Module - C1KA14294
      Helicon® SS50 Module - C1SA66742
      Helicon® SS50 Module - C1SA66743
      Helicon® SS50 Module - C2CA79235
      Helicon® SS50 Module - C2CA93614
      Helicon® SS50 Module - C2DA90263