4500-0220 Guava Cell Cycle Reagent for Flow Cytometry

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      Catalogue Number4500-0220
      Trade Name
      • Guava
      DescriptionGuava Cell Cycle Reagent for Flow Cytometry
      OverviewFor researchers who want to do cell cycle research at their benchtop, the Guava® Cell Cycle Assay can be used for measuring G0/G1, S, and G2/M phase distributions.
      Easy and convenient
      Based on the established method of whole-cell staining with propidium iodide (PI), the Guava Cell Cycle Assay is easy to learn. Guava Cell Cycle Software includes markers that can be set for quick assessment of G0/G1, S, and G2/M phase cell cycle percentages as data is being collected for rapid screening of compounds. Results are automatically exported to a spreadsheet; raw data can also be exported to third-party software for cell cycle analysis using modeling algorithms.
      Whether you are a researcher exploring the mitotic pathway, or evaluating novel compounds for cancer therapies, you will appreciate the ease and convenience of doing cell cycle studies, right in your lab. For use with all instruments. Click here for more information regarding Instrument Compatibility
      Product Information
      • PI
      • Detailed Protocol
      Instrument compatibility
      • EasyCyte
      • EasyCyte Plus
      • EasyCyte Mini
      • PCA
      • PCA-96
      ApplicationFor researchers who want to do cell cycle research at their benchtop, the Guava Flow Cytometer Cell Cycle Assay can be used for measuring G0/G1, S & G2/M phase distributions.
      Key Applications
      • Flow Cytometry
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      Usage Statement
      • Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
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      Material Size100 Tests
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      Certificates of Analysis

      TitleLot Number
      Guava® Cell Cycle ReagentDOC
      Guava® Cell Cycle Reagent - 12-021312-0213
      Guava® Cell Cycle Reagent - 12-052112-0521
      Guava® Cell Cycle Reagent - 12-057812-0578
      Guava® Cell Cycle Reagent - 13-047713-0477


      Reference overviewPub Med ID
      Dysfunction of nucleus accumbens-1 activates cellular senescence and inhibits tumor cell proliferation and oncogenesis.
      Zhang, Yi, et al.
      Cancer Res., 72: 4262-75 (2012)  2012

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      22665267 22665267


      Advancing cancer research: From hallmarks & biomarkers to tumor microenvironment progression
      Flow Cytometry Solutions—from Core Lab to Your Lab
      Flow cytometry solutions for your cell health experiments.
      Innovative Solutions for Flow Cytometry Analysis (EMD)

      Technical Info

      A multiplex assay approach to screening cytoactive compounds for cell cycle disruption and apoptotic activity on the Guava EasyCyte System
      Application Note: Benchtop flow cytometry facilitates discrimination between induction of DNA damage, oxidative stress and protein misfolding using a novel multicell GFP reporter assay
      Multiplex Assay Approach to Screening Cytoactive Compounds for Cell Cycle Disruption and Apoptotic Activity on the Guava EasyCyte Plus System
      Screening Cytoactive Compounds to Determine Cell Cycle Arrest Using the Guava PCA-96 Microplate-based Benchtop Cell Analysis System

      Data Sheet

      Guava Cell Cycle Assay
      guava® easyCyte™ 8HT Flow Cytometry System

      User Guides

      Guava Cell Cycle
      Guava Cell Cycle Assay for the Guava PCA-96 System