Centricon® Plus-70 Centrifugal Filter Units

Large volume sample concentration

Concentrate 70 mL to 350 µL in just 25 minutes



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Centricon® Plus-70 Centrifugal Filter Units · Catalogue No. Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalog Numbericon NMWL (KDa)icon Chemistryicon Pack Sizeicon
UFC7003083Regenerated Cellulose8 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC70100810Regenerated Cellulose8 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC70300830Regenerated Cellulose8 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC710008100Regenerated Cellulose8 Show Pricing & Availability

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    C3043Large volume sample concentration

    • 90% typical recovery
    • 50X to 200X concentration
    • Low hold-up volume
    • Polypropylene housing minimizes binding
    • Deadstop prevents spinning to dryness
    • Ready to use. Nothing to assemble

    Centrifugal Filter Units

    • Concentrating and desalting chromatography column eluates
    • Concentrating monoclonal antibodies
    • Concentrating proteins or viruses from culture supernatants
    • Clarifying tissue homogenates and cell lysates
    • Buffer exchange or diafiltration

    Typical Flow Rates

    Ultracel PL-30 Membrane at 3,500 x g

    Ultracel PL-30 Membrane at 3,500 x g

    Typical Retentate (Concentrate) Recovery
    Membrane NMWL Protein Solute Protein Retentate
    10,000 Cytochrome c, 12.4 kDa
    (0.25 mg/mL)
    30,000 Bovine Serum Albumin,
    67 kDa (1 mg/mL)
    100,000 IgG, 156 kDa
    (1 mg/mL)

    Concentrate samples in the 15 mL-70 mL volume range using Centricon® Plus-70 centrifugal filter units. The large deadstop volume of 350 µL prevents spinning samples to dryness. The Centricon® Plus-70 has two vertical regenerated cellulose membranes for fast, efficient tangential flow. The device is available with four different pore size membranes (3, 10, 30 and 100 kDa NMWL).

    Features & Benefits

    • 90% typical recovery
    • 50X to 200X concentration
    • Low hold-up volume
    • Deadstop prevents spinning to dryness
    • Polypropylene housing minimizes non-specific protein binding


    Concentration and Desalting of Chromatography Column Eluates, Concentrating Monoclonal Antibodies, Concentrating Proteins or Viruses From Culture Supernatants, Clarifying Tissue Homogenates and Lysates, Buffer Exchange or Diafiltration

    For more information visit: www.emdmillipore.com/psp

    Processing Volume, mL 15-70
    Final Concentration Volume, µL 350
    Hold-up Volume, µL 75
    Centrifugal Force Swinging-bucket rotor (250 mL) w/maximum 3,500 x g
    Membrane See ordering information
    Device Polypropylene
    Active Membrane Area, cm2 19
    Diameter, mm 60
    Length, mm 121
    Recovery Typically >90%
    Sanitization Rinse with 70% ethanol solution
    Chemical Compatibility Use with biological fluids only