Millicup™ Filter Unit

Vacuum-driven, disposable bottle-top filtration



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Millicup™ Filter Unit · Catalogue No. Clear Sorting & Filtering
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SJFHM47103000.45Hydrophobic PTFE10 Show Pricing & Availability
SJHVM47103000.45Hydrophilic PVDF10 Show Pricing & Availability
SJLHM47103000.45Hydrophilic PTFE10 Show Pricing & Availability

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    C181Vacuum-driven, disposable bottle-top filtration

    • Process volumes of mobile phase or running buffer up to 3,000 mL
    • Fast, effective, safe filtration of solvents used in HPLC and other analytical techniques
    • Available with low-protein binding Durapore (PVDF), hydrophobic Fluoropore (PTFE) and hydrophilic LCR (PTFE) membranes
    • No preparation or cleanup
    • Ultraclean design and safe operation

    The Millicup™ Filter Unit provides fast and effective filtration of solvents and buffers (up to 3 L) used in HPLC and other analytical techniques.

    Features & Benefits

    • No preparation or clean-up saves time
    • Available with low-protein binding hydrophilic Durapore® PVDF, hydrophobic Fluoropore™ PTFE, and hydrophilic LCR PTFE membranes
    • Ultraclean design and safe operation


    Mobile Phase Preparation, Buffer Filtration

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    Funnel Material HDPE
    Outlet Fitting Universal bottle top
    Filtration Area, cm² 11.5
    Process Volume, mL 3000
    Vacuum Limit 685 mm Hg differential at 25 °C
    Maximum Operating Temperature, °C 50
    Height, mm 120
    Diameter, mm 84