Milli-Q® Advantage A10 Ultrapure Water Purification System

A New Approach for User-Adapted Ultrapure Water

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Milli-Q® Advantage A10 System Clear Sorting & Filtering
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Z00Q0V0WWMilli-Q® Advantage A10 Water Purification System1 Show Pricing & Availability

The Milli-Q® Advantage is adapted to the region where the system is installed. It includes a power cord with electrical plug required in the area as well as user manual and Quick Reference Guide in the main language(s) of the area.
Please consult your local EMD Millipore representative to find out which Milli-Q® Integral kit is best adapted to your needs.

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Milli-Q® Advantage A10 System Consumables Clear Sorting & Filtering
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QGARDT1X1Q-Gard® T1 Purification Cartridge1 Show Pricing & Availability
QGARDT2X1Q-Gard® T2 Purification Cartridge1 Show Pricing & Availability
QGARDT3X1Q-Gard® T3 Purification Cartridge1 Show Pricing & Availability
QGARDTBX1Q-Gard® T Boron Purification Cartridge1 Show Pricing & Availability
QTUM0TEX1Quantum® TEX Polishing Cartridge1 Show Pricing & Availability
QTUM0TIX1Quantum® TIX Polishing Cartridge1 Show Pricing & Availability
ZFA10UVM1Photooxidation UV Lamp A10® TOC Monitor1 Show Pricing & Availability
ZMQUVLP01Photooxidation UV Lamp1 Show Pricing & Availability

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Milli-Q® Advantage A10 Systems Accessories Clear Sorting & Filtering
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FL0RDC001Q-POD® Flow Regulator1 Show Pricing & Availability
SANIKIT01Sanitization Kit for Direct-Q® , RiOs™ and RiOs-DI™ Integrated Tanks1 Show Pricing & Availability
WMBQP0D01Wall Mounting Bracket for Q-POD® and E-POD®1 Show Pricing & Availability
WMBSMT002Wall Mounting Bracket for Milli-Q® systems1 Show Pricing & Availability
ZFC0NDCL1Feed Water Conductivity Cell1 Show Pricing & Availability
ZFWATDET4Water Detector1 Show Pricing & Availability
ZMQSFTS01Foot Pedal Accessory1 Show Pricing & Availability
ZMQSP0D01Q-POD® Ultrapure Water Remote Dispenser1 Show Pricing & Availability
ZSTWINLX2Cable for tank level display1 Show Pricing & Availability

Milli-Q® Advantage A10 is designed to operate properly without the need of a sanitization. However, in case the procedures applied in your laboratory require the regular sanitization of laboratory instruments, the kit and procedure are available from EMD Millipore.

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Consumables for Milli-Q® Advantage A10 Systems Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalog Numbericon Descriptionicon Pack Sizeicon
CDUFBI001Biopak® Ultrafiltration Cartridge1 Show Pricing & Availability
EDSPAK001EDS-Pak® Cartridge1 Show Pricing & Availability
LCPAK0001LC-Pak® Cartridge1 Show Pricing & Availability
MPGL04GK2Millipak® 40 Final Filter2 Show Pricing & Availability
MPGP04001Millipak® 40 Express Final Filter1 Show Pricing & Availability
V0CPAK001VOC-Pak® Cartridge1 Show Pricing & Availability

Milli-Q® Advantage A10 is designed to operate properly without the need of a sanitization. However, in case the procedures applied in your laboratory require the regular sanitization of laboratory instruments, the kit and procedure are available from EMD Millipore.

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    Milli-Q® Advantage A10 Water Purification Systems

    Technical Info

    High Purity Water for Inorganic Analysis
    Milli-Q Biocel System,Optimized Ultrapure Water Quality for PCR
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    Nerve Cell Culture via Pyrogen-free Water: Pyrogen Removal of the Milli-Q PF Water System
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    C10117A New Approach for User-Adapted Ultrapure Water

    The Milli-Q Advantage system has been designed to deliver high quality ultrapure water adapted to every user’s needs in today’s laboratory environment.

    The system features two separate and distinct components: the production unit and the delivery point-of-use unit:

    • The Milli-Q production unit is a compact system that can be placed either on the bench, under the bench or on a wall–wherever it best suits you.
    • The Q-POD (Quality-Point-of-Delivery) unit provides final polishing at the point-of-use, delivering ultrapure water adapted to specific needs. The Q-POD’s interface simplifies operation and displays essential data for complete user reassurance. Up to three Q-PODs can be used with each production unit at different locations within the same laboratory.

    Convenient Delivery

    Daily performance is facilitated by having both ultrapure water and information conveniently delivered at the point-of-use.

    • The Q-POD unit is always within reach, and its convenient and adaptable dispensing enables the user to work both intuitively and precisely. The user can select either a very precise volume with the autofill key or manually press the plunger.
    • The Q-POD unit’s multicolor graphic display allows easy interaction with the system and provides information about water quantity and quality.

    Optimized Purification

    The most reliable ultrapure water quality depends on building an optimized purification sequence.

    • Pure water, ideally from an Elix purification system, enters the Q-Gard pretreatment pack which is chosen based on the feedwater source.
    • Pretreated water then passes into a double wavelength UV lamp, which ensures organic molecule oxidation and bacteria destruction.
    • Next, the Quantum polishing cartridge removes ionic and organic contaminants below trace levels to match the water quality required for the lab application.
    • Finally, the ultrapure water produced by the system recirculates through a loop up to the Q-POD unit, where a unique range of final purifiers ensure the final purification step for all applications.

    Both the Q-Gard and Quantum cartridges incorporate Millipore’s eSure technology, which enables full traceability.

    Total Control

    Q-POD screen

    Double monitoring allows control over both ionic and organic contaminants that can impact research results. Calibrated meters are used to measure the quality of produced water.

    • Accurate Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitor High-sensitivity resistivity cell

    Water production unit screen

    Routine maintenance and troubleshooting procedures can be managed from the primary graphic screen on the Milli-Q Advantage production unit.

    Complete Peace of Mind

    System Certificates

    To assist laboratories in following industry requirements, Milli-Q Advantage systems are delivered with specific Certificates of Quality and Calibration for temperature, resistivity and TOC meters.

    Advanced Technical Support

    In addition, a complete range of services, including validation support, is provided by trained Millipore Field Service Support Engineers using calibrated equipment and Qualification Workbooks.

    System Dimensions
    Production Unit Dimensions
    Height, cm (in) 49.7 (19.5)
    Width, cm (in) 33.2 (13)
    Depth, cm (in) 36.0 (14.2)
    Weight, kg (lb) 15 (33)
    Operating weight, kg (lb) 19 (41.9)
    Q-POD Delivery Unit Dimensions
    Height, cm (in) 57.9 (22.8)
    Depth, cm (in) 23.0 (9.0)
    Weight, kg (lb) 5 (11)
    Operating weight, kg (lb) 5.5 (12.1)
    Other Dimensions
    Distance from production unit to Q-POD, m (ft) 2.9 (9.5)
    Dispenser tubing length, cm (in) 80 (31.5)
    Electric power cable length, m (ft) 2.9 (9.5)
    Electric power supply voltage 100– 230 V +/- 10%
    Electric power supply frequency 50 – 60 Hz
    Feedwater connector ½ in NPT
    Milli-Q Advantage A10 main unit data connection Ethernet (RJ45)
    Q-POD data connection Parallel port (25-pin D-Sub)
    Ultrapure (Type I) Product Water Quality
    Resistivity, MΩ·cm at 25 °C 18.2
    TOC, ppb < 5
    Particulates (size > 0.22 µm/ml)** < 1 particulate/mL
    Bacteria** < 0.1 cfu/mL
    Pyrogens (endotoxins)*** < 0.001 EU/mL
    RNases*** < 0.01 ng/mL
    DNases*** < 4 pg/µL
    Flow Rate, L/min**
    *Test conditions with the appropriate Q-POD final polisher.
    ** With Millipak or BioPak end filter
    *** With BioPak end filter
    These values are typical and may vary depending on the nature and concentration of contaminants in the feedwater.