Stem Cell Research

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EMD Millipore is deeply committed to providing novel cell culture systems and characterization tools for stem cell research and primary cell culture. Our highly validated, optimized products provide convenient solutions to many cell culture challenges, so you have the time to focus on your research goals. We’ve created this unique learning center where you can easily find newly released products, detailed protocols, latest stem cell news, and user-friendly guides to our vast selection of specialty cell culture products. EMD Millipore offers a comprehensive line of stem cell products including human and murine stem cells, media optimized for stem cell and primary cell culture, growth factors, exclusive antibodies, cultureware, and kits to help you jump start your research.

Human Cell Systems for stem cell research

Human Cell Systems

  • Pluripotent Human ES Cells
  • Neural Stem Cells
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells
  • Primary Human Cells
    • Epithelial
    • Endothelial
    • Fibroblast
  • Hematopoietic, Cardiac, and Pancreatic Stem Cells
Rodent Cell Systems for stem cell research

Rodent Cell Systems

  • Pluripotent Mouse ES Cells
  • PMEFs
  • Mouse Embryo Culture
  • Multipotent Rodent Stem Cells
    • Neural Stem Cells
    • Mesenchymal Stem Cells
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Reprogramming cells

Cellular Reprogramming

  • Simplicon™ RNA Reprogramming
  • STEMCCA Reprogramming Technology
  • Reprogramming Boost Kits
  • iPS Cell Characterization
Products for general cell culture

Cell Culture Media and Reagents

  • Media and Cell Culture Reagents
  • High Quality Cytokines & Growth Factors
  • ECM Proteins & Coated Plates
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Cancer Stem Cell

AldeRed ALDH Detection Assay Cancer stem cell identification
Dual labeling on a GFP background

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Simplicon™ RNA Reprogramming Technology

Single Transfection. Virus-Free iPSCs.

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