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Flow Cytometry Applications - Stem Cells

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Stem Cell Applications

EMD Millipore’s FlowCellect™ stem cell characterization kits are designed to provide rapid, sensitive assessments of embryonic and neural stem cell phenotypes at various stages. The kits use three parameters for accurate identification, enabling the research to “triangulate” cellular phenotypes with two complementary positive markers and one negative marker. The negative antibody also serves as a stage- and species-specific or lineage specific marker for differentiated cells.

EMD Millipore’s Stem Cell Kits provide rapid, quantitative assessments of stem cells for flow cytometry applications.

  • All Optimized, fluorescently-labeled flow cytometry antibodies and buffers included
  • Highly Reproducible results
  • Validated for flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry, and Western blotting

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Characterization of Embryonic Stem Cell Population
Antibody Quantification from Hybridomas using the Guava RapidQuant Assay.

Download our data sheet on stem cell applications HERE.