InCyte™ and GuavaSuite Software Configuration

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Your specific research needs are always changing, and MilliporeSigma’s Guava optimized software modules are flexible enough to accommodate you at every level.

The guavaSoft software package comprises of a choice of two acquisition and analysis platforms:
  • InCyte™ software package enables easy visualization of data in a broad biological context.
  • GuavaSuite has assay specific software modules that help provide the most focused data output. Modules available for assays relating to count and viability, cell cycle, cell growth, cell paint, cell toxicity, mitochondrial potential, apoptosis and tunel.
The guavaSoft Software Package provides an intuitive user interface and offers acquisition, instrument set-up, and analysis capabilities in each dedicated software module. You can export to spreadsheets or any third-party analysis format. 21 CFR part 11 enabling features are included with specific applications modules. InCyte™ software includes features which can be applied to control user access to data files and methods, which is useful is multi-user environments. GuavaSoft also includes easyCheck for convenient QC of the instrument and a cleaning function to automate cleaning routines.


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InCyte™ is a flexible software package designed to allow the advanced user to set up and analyze an assay quickly, and it offers unique tools for rapid data comparison and visualization.


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Designed for ease-of-use. Modules use an interface which enables easy sample acquisition and are optimized for each assay.

Assay Template

The guava easyCyte™ flow cytometry system  software screen shot for assay templates.
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