Food Safety


Food Safety

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At EMD Millipore, food safety goes far beyond the visible. It starts with listening to your challenges. Changing regulations, complex processes and delayed product release can be daunting. But you can overcome them with EMD Millipore’s microbial food testing and environmental monitoring solutions.

With over 300 years of expertise, we offer competent support in regulatory compliance to help you avoid risks and setbacks. What’s more, our innovative, high-quality products are designed to boost reliability and safety while reducing costs and complexity. Discover how our food safety testing portfolio can facilitate your success.


Merck:/Freestyle/BM-BioMonitoring/Indicator-Organisms/BioM-Indicator-Organism-Testing-05132014-250x300.jpgOur dehydrated and granulated culture media ensures greater solubility and homogeneity, which makes indicator organism testing significantly easier
and more efficient.


Merck:/Freestyle/BM-BioMonitoring/Pathogen-and-Spoilage-Testing/BioM-Pathogen-Testing-05132014-250x300.jpgOur range of traditional and rapid detection solutions for pathogens cover both long-known disease agents and new ones such as E. coli O157.


Merck:/Freestyle/BM-BioMonitoring/Environmental-Monitoring/BioM-Environmental-Monitoring-05132014-250x300.jpgOur comprehensive solutions provide the best defense against contamination. 

Environmental Monitoring Brochure

Environmental Monitoring

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