Process Scale Up and Technical Transfer Services

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Tech Transfer Your Existing MAb Production Process

Managing Process Scale-up and Tech Transfer
Presenter: Guillaume Plane, Global Development and Marketing Manager, Biodevelopment Services, MilliporeSigma

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The goal of technology transfer activities is to transfer product and process knowledge from development and GMP clinical production to GMP commercial manufacturing location.

Technical transfer activities include:
  • Analytical methods validation to test methods robustness prior to process scale up
  • Small scale process validation to test process limits prior to scale up
  • Process scale up to reach the expected production capacity
  • Analytical methods and USP/DSP technical transfer activities including:
    • Tech transfer protocol
    • Associated tests and reports
    • Detailed process description
    • Process risk analysis and training plan for your production technicians and operators
  • Commercial scale process validation for the production and release of DS validation batches at commercial scale in your facility

Make Your Process a Success, Anywhere in the World

When the time comes to scale up your production process, transfer it to a local manufacturing partner for commercial routine production, or move it and build your own facility, our experts will work with you to ease the process and make your program a success.

Transfers need to be performed in an organized, methodical manner with appropriate documentation and within shortest possible timeframe. With you, our local team of experts can develop and execute the process technical transfer plan, ensuring that the overall project will stay within expected timing and lead to a successful outcome.

Our experience implementing and operating a full single use and hybrid GMP processes with our own technologies and products platforms.

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Whether you are looking to implement proven solutions while reducing costs and mitigating risk, or looking for a partner who will work with you from Process Development through Facility Design and Construction, we have options that will streamline your process.