Partner with an Expert in Formulation

In today’s pharmaceutical industry, we understand you need a global partner that you can trust. One who not only has the products and technologies you require, but also the applications know-how. For many years, MilliporeSigma has been a leader in providing high-quality products and extensive expertise.

The Research and Development (R&D) Centers of Excellence offer unparalleled formulation support, solutions for bioavailability enhancement and customized development. With our high level of expertise for various pharmaceutical applications, you can rely on our support for your projects and throughout the entire life cycle of your products.

To learn more about our R&D Centers of Excellence, please visit the areas below.

Darmstadt, Germany - Click here for more details Schaffhausen, Switzerland - Click here for more details
Darmstadt, Germany
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
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Functional Excipients
to enhance bioavailability.

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