Milliflex® Platform


The Milliflex® Platform

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A Complete Solution for Bioburden Testing

MilliporeSigma’s Milliflex® platform is a complete solution for bioburden testing. It enables you to immediately streamline your microbial contamination testing workflow and leverage your quality assurance level by avoiding the risk of exogenous contamination. The Milliflex® platform covers bioburden testing solutions for almost any product in any manufacturing process:

  • Traditional and rapid solutions
  • State-of-the-art and proven membrane filtration devices
  • Wide range of high quality culture media
  • Highly accurate, robust and easy-to-use instruments

Milliflex® Filtration System

Milliflex® Plus Vacuum Pump

The Milliflex® filter units and the Milliflex® Plus vacuum pump constitute an integrated solution for delivering reliable and accurate results in high throughput production environments without the need for membrane handling.

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The MilliSnap® plug and play system is a tool that detaches your Milliflex® funnel and transfers the membrane to the culture media cassette.

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Milliflex® Rapid Testing Systems

Milliflex®; Rapid Microbiology Detection and Enumeration System

The Milliflex® Rapid Microbiology Detection and Enumeration system is an automated solution for the rapid detection and enumeration of microbial contamination in filterable samples throughout manufacturing processes.

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Milliflex® Quantum system

The Milliflex® Quantum system is a rapid fluorescence-based technology designed for fast quantitative detection of microorganisms over a broad range of filterable matrices.

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Milliflex® Culture Media and Rinse Fluids

Milliflex® Rinse Fluids

MilliporeSigma’s Milliflex® rinse fluids provide the highest level of purity and testing confidence and have been formulated and tested to meet the requirements of the United States, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeias.

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Milliflex® System in Ready-to-Use Cassettes

In addition, MilliporeSigma provides a complete range of agar-based media for use with the Milliflex® system in ready-to-use cassettes.

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Milliflex® Quantum system

The Milliflex® filter units can also be used in combination with Milliflex® liquid media cassettes and liquid ampoule media.

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Milliflex® System touch-free membrane transfer

Milliflex® System

Touch-Free Membrane Transfer

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The Milliflex® platform Brochure

Milliflex® Platform

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