Pellicon® Ultrafiltration

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Unparalleled Ultrafiltration

Industry leading tangential flow filters for demanding processes that require unbeatable performance and reliable consistency.

Our Pellicon® family of filtration products are the ideal solution for a range of high value applications. Pellicon® filters consistently deliver purity assurance at every stage and scale throughout the lifecycle of your drug products.

Pellicon® Single-Pass TFF

Pellicon® Single-Pass TFF

Increase capacity, concentration, and recovery with Pellicon® Single-Pass TFF, which allows you to concentrate process streams without the recirculation required in traditional TFF steps. Single-Pass TFF, available with our Pellicon® 2 and 3 cassettes, is a simple and efficient way to increase production capacity by reducing process volumes and tank requirements. This versatile application also enables continuous and intensified processing, where in-line volume reduction is coupled to other process steps.

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Pellicon® 3 Cassettes

Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/downstream/pellicon-3.jpgOur advanced, high performance Pellicon® 3 TFF cassettes, available with Ultracel® and Biomax® membranes, deliver high protein yield and offer consistent product purity and quality, from run to run at every scale, and for a variety of drug products, including mAbs, IgG, insulin, plasma, and vaccines.

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Pellicon® 3 Interactive Demo
Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/downstream/pellicon-3-d-screen.jpgPellicon® 3 Cassettes for High Viscosity
To overcome high viscosity challenges under normal processing limits and conditions, we offer Pellicon® 3 cassettes with the novel D screen, optimized to achieve higher protein concentrations.

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Pellicon® 2 Cassettes

Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/downstream/pellicon-2.jpgOur industry proven Pellicon® 2 TFF cassettes, available with Ultracel® and Biomax® membranes, are ideal for the ultrafiltration (UF) and diafiltration (DF) of biologics. Applications include concentration, desalting, and buffer exchange of polysaccharides, virus suspensions, and protein solutions.

Pellicon® 2 TFF cassettes are also available with Durapore® membranes, ideal for harvest, washing or clarification of cell cultures, cell lysates, colloidal suspensions, and viral cultures.

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