SVGP01050 | Sterivex-GP Pressure Filter Unit

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      Replacement Information

      Key Specifications Table

      SterilityProcess VolumePore Size
      Sterile 2 L 0.22 µm
      Catalogue NumberSVGP01050
      Trade Name
      • Sterivex
      DescriptionSterivex-GP Pressure Filter Unit
      Background Information- Sterivex filter units work with syringes, peristaltic pumps or pressure vessels. They eliminate the risk of contamination associated with decanting or pipetting.
      - Sterivex units are designed to dispense into virtually any storage container. The devices are available with different outlet connections (see table).
      - Sterivex filter units can process volumes up to 1,000 mL or 2,000 mL, depending on the type of membrane used in the device. A choice of three different membranes is provided.
      - Filter-sterilize volumes up to 1,000 mL or 2,000 mL, using Sterivex™ pressure-driven filter units (capacity depends on the type of membrane used in the device). With three different membrane options and a variety of outlet connection options, Sterivex™ filters can fit virtually any workflow and dispense into nearly any storage container. Sterivex™ filters work with syringes, peristaltic pumps or pressure vessels and eliminate the risk of contamination associated with decanting or pipetting.

      Features & Benefits:
      - Works with a variety of pressure devices including syringes, perstaltic pumps and pressure vessels
      - Comes in multiple membrane types to suit your application needs with capacities up to 2 L

      Sterilization of Aqueous Solutions
      Product Information
      Fitting InletFemale Luer-Lok® with upstream vent
      Fitting OutletMale nipple
      Color CodeClear
      Maximum Inlet Pressure, bar (psi)3.1 bar (45 psi)
      Maximum Operating Temperature45 °C
      Application0.22 µm pore size, polyethersulfone membrane, gamma irradiated, sterile
      Key Applications
      • Sterile Filtration
      Biological Information
      MediaExpress PLUS®
      SterilizationGamma irradiation
      Physicochemical Information
      Pore Size0.22 µm
      Hold-up Volume2.2 mL
      Height67 mm
      Diameter1.7 cm
      Filtration Area10 cm²
      Process Volume2 L
      Volume1 L
      Nominal Pore Size0.22 µm
      Materials Information
      • Polyethersulfone (PES)
      Device Material
      • Eastar®
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Packaging Information
      Material Size50
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information




      Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

      Certificates of Quality

      STERIVEX-GP - 1515/01109
      Sterivex - GP - 161600318
      Sterivex - GP - 16160226
      Sterivex Filter Unit - 181800614
      Sterivex Filter Unit - 1616/00349
      Sterivex Filter Unit - 1717 02472
      Sterivex Filter Unit - 1717/00157
      Sterivex Filter Unit - 1717/00293
      Sterivex Filter Unit - 1717/00310
      Sterivex Filter Unit - 1717/00817

      User Guides

      Millex®-AP50 Prefilter User Guide, Cat. No. SLAP05010
      Sterivex™-GP Sterile Vented Filter Unit, 0.22 μm