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Air Monitoring
Expanded MAS-100® family meets unique needs.

Air is an invisible, precious resource that most people take for granted.

But not our customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical device industries. For them, air can be a source of microbial contamination of production areas – every bit as threatening as humans, raw materials and water. For them, air is always top of mind, and accurate air monitoring is critical.

We understand this imperative. To address our customers’ air monitoring needs, we’ve expanded our MAS-100® family of state-of-the-art mass flow sensors, which enable customers to sample air in their production areas reliably and in accordance with regulatory standards. We’ve introduced three new instruments for microbial air sampling, each addressing a specific customer need:
  • MAS-100 Iso NT® sampler streamlines the decontamination process in isolators.
  • MAS-100 Iso MH® system offers increased capacity, easier installation and lower costs compared to single-head systems.
  • MAS-100 VF® system offers compact design that enables greater ease of use in controlled environments.

MAS-100 Iso NT®
The MAS-100 Iso NT® contains an innovative double valve which integrates the sampling head into the decontamination process of the isolator. For added safety, electronic and moving parts remain outside the critical zone. It was developed according to GAMP 4 and ISO® 14698 standards.
MAS-100 Iso MH®
The MAS-100 Iso MH® offers all the benefits of the MAS-100 Iso NT® and allows installation of up to four sampling heads at all critical control points. Multiple heads in combination with one vacuum pump provide increased capacity, easier installation and lower cost than four equivalent single-head systems. Additionally, the system extends up to 10 meters in tube length, which facilitates the use in larger isolators. The system was developed according to GAMP 5 and ISO® 14698 standards.
MAS-100 VF®
The MAS-100 VF® air sampler’s compact design allows for ease of operation, and its added handle can be mounted on a tripod to measure on different working heights and different angles for fixed applications. Electronic speed control ensures a consistent and accurate flow rate, and a touch-slide control menu enables simple menu navigation.
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