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Product Preview: Millipak® Final Fill Filter

Aseptic final fill processing is the last step in the biopharmaceutical production process to assure patient safety.

Millipak® Final Fill Filters are designed to meet the evolving needs for final filling in single-use environments. The novel Aseptic Multi-Purpose Port (AMPP) design enables venting, sampling and integrity testing while maintaining a sterile flow path and improving operator safety.

Millipak® Final Fill Filters contain Durapore® PVDF membrane providing high flow rates and throughputs, low extractables and broad chemical compatibility. The unique stacked disc design minimizes hold-up volume and maximizes product recovery.

Aseptic Multi-Purpose Port (AMPP) with an easy-to-turn connector and open/close indicator is designed with the operator and process in mind. Venting, sampling and integrity testing can be performed through this port.

Triple O-ring protects product from contamination and maintains sterility.

Protective handle allows for convenient integration into single-use assemblies and enhances port robustness.

Anti-roll housing simplifies set-up and handling in single-use assemblies.

Visual indicator arrow reduces operator error.

Millipak® Final Fill Filter


Fully transparent housing facilitates filter wetting and allows for full visibility of filtration process.

GS1 2D Barcode for streamlined traceability.

Unique stacked-disc design minimizes hold-up volume resulting in maximum product recovery.