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Integrated Supply Chain Operations

Patient demand for life-saving and life-enhancing medicines is increasing; As a result, biopharmaceutical manufacturers are intensifying their speed to market, increasing their capacity and optimizing their productivity, globally. This rapid growth and geographic expansion in the biopharmaceutical market is increasing the complexity in the supply chain and thus increasing the risk of supply disruptions.

To continuously supply you with the right, high quality products in the right place at the right time, we are making “risk-smart” decisions: we strategically balance the need to invest in capacity expansions and supply chain innovations with the need to continually mitigate risks and minimize supply disruptions.

Leveraging years of experience, our program includes:

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Read our article and watch our video series to learn more about our Supply Continuity and Control programs.

The changing biopharma risk equation

Read the Article: Stay Ahead. Smart Risk Management – from the Medicine Maker

As supply chains become increasingly complex, collaboration between biopharmaceutical customers and suppliers is crucial for supply continuity and control. – There is tremendous growth within the biopharmaceutical industry. Patient demand for life-saving and life-enhancing medicines is increasing; driving scientific and technological advances in drug discovery, development and manufacturing … Read full article

Supply Chain Future Trends

In this talk, Kerry Roche-Lentine, Global Technology Management, will discuss:

  • The drivers of the growth and their impact on the increasing risks in the supply chain.
  • The importance of choosing a supplier partner who is prepared to manage and mitigate supply chain risks.
The changing biopharma risk equation

Read the Report: The Changing Biopharma Risk Equation

from The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by MilliporeSigma

As pharma companies expand, they are looking more and more to biologics for their next potential blockbusters. However, this class of product ranging from well established largemolecule drugs to truly novel therapies poses major challenges because of their scientific complexity and sophisticated development requirements … Read full report

Supply Chain Forecasts and Capacity

In this talk, Aida Tsouroukdissian, Head of Demand Planning, discusses:

  • The Sales and Operations planning process (S&OP): how suppliers and manufacturers can partner to minimize the risk of supply chain disruptions.

Supply Chain Business Continuity

In this talk, Bob McGuirk, Head of Integrated Supply Chain, will discuss:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning: important components of a multi-faceted approach to help minimize the likelihood and impact of a supply disruption.

Supply Chain Mapping

In this talk, Claire Kazanjian, Head of Marketing Operations, will discuss:

  • Ways suppliers can help reduce supply disruption risk for biopharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Supply Chain mapping, an important practice that suppliers can adopt to help minimize the likelihood and impact of a supply disruption.

Supply Chain Change Management

In this talk, Dawn MacNeill, Marketing Operations Manager, will discuss:

  • How an effective supplier change management practice can reduce the effort required by manufacturers to assess and accept product changes.
  • Key components of an effective change management system including risk assessments using a Quality-by-Design (QbD) approach, communications, and qualification data packages.
The changing biopharma risk equation


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