15-119 | Cell Cycle-S Phase Pathway Explorer Antibody MiniPack

Western Blot Analysis:
HeLa nuclear extract probed with anti-Cyclin A at 1:2000 dilution.
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      Replacement Information
      Référence 15-119
      Famille de marques Upstate
      Synonymes Retinoblastoma-binding protein 3 cdc2-related protein kinase cell devision kinase 2 cyclin-dependent kinase 2 p33 protein kinase E2F transcription factor 1 PRB-binding protein E2F-1 Retinoblastoma-associated protein 1
      Nom de marque
      • Upstate
      Description Cell Cycle-S Phase Pathway Explorer Antibody MiniPack
      Informations générales Pathway Explorer Antibody MiniPack:
      Each Pathway Explorer Antibody Minipack contains three related antibodies as part of a signaling cascade or a combination of total and phosphorylated forms of key signaling targets. Each of the three antibodies are 30% the original pack size. Full size versions of each of the Pathway Explorer antibodies are available for sale individually under the same catalog number with the removal of “SP” off of each one (e.g. 05-591SP can be ordered as 05-591).

      Cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK) belong to a group of protein kinases that phosphorylate serines and threonines and are involved in cell cycle regulation. CDKs are also involved in the regulation of transcription and mRNA processing. Cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (Cdk2) is a member of the Serine/Threonine protein kinase family and is a catalytic subunit of the cyclin-dependent protein kinase complex, whose phosphorylation activity is restricted to the G1-S phase of the cell cycle. This protein associates with and regulated by the cyclin-dependent protein kinase complex subunits E and A. Cyclin E binds to G1 phase Cdk2, which is required for the transition from G1 to S phase while binding with Cyclin A is required to progress through the S phase. CDKs are considered a potential target for anti-cancer medication.

      Cyclin A:
      The cell cycle is regulated by the interplay of many molecules. Key among these are the cyclins which are expressed and then degraded in a concerted fashion to drive the stages of the cell cycle. Cyclins combine with cyclin dependent kinases (cdks) to form activated kinases that phosphorylate targets leading to cell cycle regulation. A breakdown in the regulation of this cycle can lead to out of control growth and contribute to tumor formation. Defects in many of the molecules that regulate the cell cycle have been implicated in cancer. Cyclin A is a member of the Cyclin A family that can bind and activate Cdc2 and Cdk2 and is involved in the control of mitosis and S phase. During S phase, cyclin A forms a complex with Cdk2, the pRB-related protein p107 and E2F.

      E2F-1 was identified as a cellular protein with DNA binding activity associated with the adenovirus E2 gene promoter. The original member of the E2F family of transcription factors, now consisting of five, was identified through its association with the retinoblastoma protein, which controls its activity. E2F-1 is cell cycle regulated with very low levels in early G1 then increasing levels as cells move from G1 to S with highest levels of protein at the G1/S boundary, which is consistent with its role in S-phase entry.

      *See full size versions for corresponding references.
      Références bibliographiques
      Informations produit
      • 05-379SP Anti-E2F-1, clones KH20 and KH95; 60 µg
      • 05-596SP Anti-Cdk2, clone AN4.3; 60 µg
      • 05-374SP Anti-Cyclin A, clone BF 683; 75 µL
      Présentation 3 individual tubes containing either Anti-Cdk2, clone AN4.3; Anti-Cyclin A, clone BF 683; or Anti-E2F-1, clones KH20 and KH95
      Propriétés Each vial is 30% the size of the parent catalog number
      Application This Antibody pack contains Anti-Cdk2 Antibody, Anti-Cyclin A Antibody, Anti-E2F-1 Antibody.
      Informations biologiques
      Code Entrez Gene
      Symbole du gène
      • EC
      • E2F-1
      • PBR3
      • RBAP-1
      • RBAP1
      • RBBP-3
      • RBBP3
      • RBP3
      • p33(CDK2)
      Code UniProt
      Résumé UniProt FUNCTION: Involved in the control of the cell cycle. Interacts with cyclins A, B1, B3, D, or E. Activity of CDK2 is maximal during S phase and G2.
      CATALYTIC ACTIVITY: ATP + a protein = ADP + a phosphoprotein.
      ENZYME REGULATION: Phosphorylation at Thr-14 or Tyr-15 inactivates the enzyme, while phosphorylation at Thr-160 activates it.
      SUBUNIT: Found in a complex with CABLES1, CCNA1 and CCNE1. Interacts with CABLES1 (By similarity). Interacts with UHRF2. Part of a complex consisting of UHRF2, CDK2 and CCNE1. Interacts with the Speedy/Ringo proteins SPDYA and SPDYC. Found in a complex with both SPDYA and CDKN1B/KIP1
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