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Merck Millipore is a worldwide leading supplier of over 8,000 high-quality, validated antibodies for the manufacture of IVD kits for known diseases. Our expertise and the exceptional quality of Merck Millipore’s antibodies stem from over 20 years of experience in antibody, reagents, and IVD kit manufacturing.

Merck Millipore antibodies are at the core of many successful immunoassays including flow cytometry, ELISA, and lateral flow assays.

Merck Millipore contract manufacturing facilities operate under fully validated ISO 13485 and cGMP certifications, and we welcome customer audits. We provide all necessary product documentation that facilitates the transfer from product development to large-scale manufacturing.

We offer customization of our catalogue antibodies, providing manufacturers with the convenience of an application-ready product. Manufacturers can choose from milligram to kilogram amounts of off-the-shelf antibodies, which are extensively tested and characterized.

We can also custom tailor an antibody to meet specific kit or device applications.

Should you not find an antibody in our catalogue, please contact us and we will try to find a matching antibody for you: OEM.Reagents@merckmillipore.com
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