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    Use this interactive selector to view our portfolio of products by application, brand or industry.

  • MSDS and COA

    Find Material Safety Data Sheets and Certificate of Analysis documents for our products.
  • Organic Synthesis

    Merck Millipore provides an extensive portfolio of over 10,000 products for laboratory and production scale organic synthesis.
  • Peptides

    The Peptides Finder is the tool to help you explore our extensive product portfolio. Find the products you need quickly.
  • Primary Antibodies

    Our Primary Antibodies Finder allows you to enter a keyword and/or search criteria to find specific antibodies. You can also select the antibody type (monoclonal or polyclonal) to further define your search.
  • Secondary Antibodies

    Select the host, conjugate, and species, and then press Search to find the secondary antibodies for your research needs.
  • Sterile Millex

    Use the Millex Filter Finder to choose the right syringe filter for your sample, so you can obtain the best quality data and filtration performance without wasting precious samples.
  • Test Kits and Photometric Methods

    No matter what your application, find the products you need in just a few clicks. The Test Kits and Photometric Methods Application Area Finder makes it easy.
  • Test Kits and Photometric Methods - Parameters A-Z

    The Parameter A-Z Finder allows you to quickly and easily find the right test kit for the parameter to be tested.