MAPmates Single Plex Assays

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MILLIPLEX® MAP MAPmate™ Single Plex Biomarker Assays

Designing your own multiplex assay is easy with MILLIPLEX® MAP MAPmate™ assays. Plex up to 8 individual MAPmate™ assays together using our Cell Signaling Buffer and Detection Kit (48-602MAG) or include them in existing MILLIPLEX® MAP cell signaling kits to enhance the panel or serve as controls within the guidelines provided in the protocols.

Important MAPmate™ Rules

Consult the protocol prior to use.
  • All magnetic MAPmate™ assays require the Cell Signaling Buffer & Detection Kit (48-602MAG). This kit contains all necessary reagents except the MAPmate™ assay. Both a filter and flat-bottom plate are included for convenience.
    • MILLIPLEX® MAP Lysis Buffer (Cat.# 43-040)
    • MILLIPLEX® MAP Assay Buffer 1 (Cat.# 43-010)
    • MILLIPLEX® MAP Assay Buffer 2 (Cat.# 43-041)
    • MILLIPLEX® MAP Streptavidin-Phycoerythrin (Cat. # 45-001H)
    • MILLIPLEX® MAP Amplification buffer (Cat.# 43-024A)
    • MILLIPLEX® MAP HeLa Cell Lysate:Unstimulated (Cat. # 47-205)
    • 96-well plate and 2 sealers
    • 96-well filter plate and 2 sealers
  • To select the appropriate buffer for your MAPmate™ assays, please refer to the protocols or the buffer selection table on the website.
Each MAPmate™ includes:
  • Capture Antibody (bead-conjugated)
  • Detection Antibody (biotin-conjugated)
  • Positive Control (stimulated cell lysate) for phosphorylated analytes which can be used to qualify assay performance or, with serial dilutions, to develop a standard curve
The following MAPmate™ assays should not be plexed together:
  • MAPmate™ assays that require different assay buffers.
  • Phospho-specific and total MAPmate™ pairs, e.g. total GSK3β and phospho-GSK3β (Ser9).
  • Pan Tyr and site-specific MAPmate™ assays, e.g. phospho-EGF Receptor (pan Tyr) and phospho-STAT1 (Tyr701).
  • More than 1 phospho-MAPmate™ assay for a single target, e.g. Akt (Ser473 and Akt (Thr308
  • GAPDH and β-Tubulin assays cannot be plexed with kits or MAPmate™ assays containing pan Tyr assays.

3 Easy Steps to Designing a Luminex® Multiplex Signaling Assay

Step 1
Choose the analytes you want to plex together and determine their compatibility. Keep in mind that the following cannot be plexed together:
  • Magnetic Bead MAPmates™ and non-Magnetic Bead MAPmates™
  • MAPmates™ that require a different assay buffer (see buffer table subtab)
  • Phosphospecific and total MAPmate™ pairs (e.g. total GSK3β and GSK3β (Ser9)
  • Pan Tyr and phospho-specific MAPmates™ (e.g. Phsopho-EGFR (pan-Tyr) and HSP27 (Ser78)
  • Phospho- MAPmates™ for a single target (e.g. Akt (Ser473) and Akt (Thr308))
  • GAPDH and β-Tubulin cannot be plexed with kits or MAPmates™ containing panTyr
Step 2
Order the MILLIPLEX® MAP Cell Signaling Buffer and Detection Kit (Cat. # 48-602MAG), required to run all MAPmate™ assays

Step 3
Order the MAPmate™ products you have selected.

MAPmates™ Species Homology & Buffer Table

table here

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