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Merck Millipore provides innovative rapid systems based on its Milliflex® filtration technology to quantitatively detect microorganisms. They include the Milliflex® Quantum system, which is based on the detection of fluorescence, and the Milliflex® Rapid Microbiology Detection and Enumeration system, which uses ATP imaging technology. Both systems are ideally suited for fast bioburden testing.

Milliflex® Quantum

Milliflex® Quantum System The Milliflex® Quantum system is designed for fast, fluorescence-based quantitative detection of microorganisms over a broad range of filterable matrices. It detects microbial colonies long before they become visible to the eye and thus significantly reduces the time to result compared with traditional microbiological methods. Milliflex® Quantum does not destroy the detected micro-colonies - it is therefore possible to identify any detected microorganisms by subsequently using your current identification methodology. The features and benefits of the Milliflex® Quantum system include:

  • Detection times for most microorganisms between 8 – 48 hours
  • Easy-to-use and simple workflow, requiring minimal training
  • Compatible with any ID technology
  • Results comparable to compendial method, facilitating Milliflex® Quantum validation
  • Economical, robust system
  • Compact hardware

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Milliflex® Rapid

Milliflex® Rapid Microbiology Detection and Enumeration system The Milliflex® rapid microbiology detection and enumeration system is an automated solution for the rapid detection, response, and resolution of microbial contamination in filterable samples taken throughout manufacturing process. The Milliflex® Rapid system uses ATP (adenosine triphosphate) imaging technology to detect viable, culturable microorganisms in a fraction of the time that traditional methods require. The Milliflex® Rapid system brings you many advanced features:

  • Detection times for most microorganisms between 4-48 hours
  • Based on the standardized Milliflex® filtration technology
  • Combines ATP bioluminescence with an innovative signal amplification system 
  • Image analysis for the enumeration of detected microorganisms

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Milliflex® Platform

Milliflex® Platform

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