PI-12K | Porcine Insulin RIA

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      Analitos disponibles Reactividad según especies Aplicaciones clave Métodos de detección
      InsulinCerdoRadioinmunoensayo125I, Radioactivo
      Número de catálogo PI-12K
      Descripción Porcine Insulin RIA
      Información preliminar Insulin is a 5.8 kD hormone is secreted by the islet cells in the pancreas.
      Referencias bibliográficas
      Información del producto
      Método de detección 125I Radioactivo
      • ED20 = 126 ± 3.0 µU/ml
      • ED80 = 7 ± 0.6 µU/ml
      • ED50 = 30 ± 1.2 µU/ml
      Aplicación This radioimmunoassay (RIA) measures & quantifies Insulin for use in Metabolism & Endocrine research.
      Aplicaciones clave
      • Radioinmunoensayo
      Notas de aplicación Overnight, equilibrium incubation at 4°C. Sample volume < 100 μl serum, plasma, or tissue culture media.
      Información biológica
      Especificidad Porcine Insulin 100% Procine Proinsulin 53% Human Insulin 100% Bovine Insulin 90% Bovine Proinsulin 50% Intact Human Proinsulin 38% Rat Insulin 19% Des 31, 32 HPI 47% Des 64, 65 HPI 72% Glucagon Not Detectable Pancreatic Polypeptide Not Detectable Somatos
      Reactividad según especies Cerdo
      Analitos disponibles
      • Insulin
      Resumen de Entrez Gene After removal of the precursor signal peptide, proinsulin is post-translationally cleaved into two chains (peptide A and peptide B) that are covalently linked via two disulfide bonds. Binding of this mature form of insulin to the insulin receptor (INSR) stimulates glucose uptake. A variety of mutant alleles with changes in the coding region have been identified. There is a read-through gene, INS-IGF2, which overlaps with this gene at the 5' region and with the IGF2 gene at the 3' region.
      Etiqueta 125I-Insulin
      Número UniProt
      Resumen UniProt FUNCTION: SwissProt: P01308 # Insulin decreases blood glucose concentration. It increases cell permeability to monosaccharides, amino acids and fatty acids. It accelerates glycolysis, the pentose phosphate cycle, and glycogen synthesis in liver.
      SIZE: 110 amino acids; 11981 Da
      SUBUNIT: Heterodimer of a B chain and an A chain linked by two disulfide bonds.
      DISEASE:SwissProt: P01308 # Defects in INS are the cause of familial hyperproinsulinemia [MIM:176730].
      SIMILARITY: SwissProt: P01308 ## Belongs to the insulin family.
      Información fisicoquímica
      Intervalo de curvas patrón
      • 2–200 µU/mL
      Información de materiales
      Información toxicológica
      Información de seguridad según el GHS
      Información de seguridad
      Declaraciones de uso del producto
      Declaración de uso
      • Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
      Información de almacenamiento y transporte
      Información sobre embalaje
      Cantitad 250 tubes
      Información de transporte
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      ELISAs, RIAs & GyroMark HT Assays
      Immunoassay & Multiplex Kits: Analyte Quarterly, Volume 1, 2015

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