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Your water purification system is an essential part of your business. Ensuring that your system is operating at optimum efficiency is an essential part of our business. Our certified Field Service Engineers provide expert on-site professional support for the installation, validation, and maintenance of your individual and total water systems.

Calibration, Verification & Suitability Tests

Periodic calibration and verification of your measuring instruments is vital for Quality Assurance, and required by regulatory agencies and certification organizations.

Merck Millipore’s Services Support organization delivers the expertise you need when dealing with purified water regulations -- ensuring that you make the right choices when it comes to Calibration, Verification, or USP Suitability Tests for your system.    
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Installation Services

Our Field Service Engineers follow a comprehensive pre-installation checklist to ensure that your Merck Millipore lab water purification system is installed in compliance with your specific requirements – whether an individual or a total system. 
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Preventive Maintenance Plans

Regular preventive maintenance of your water purification system is the most efficient way of ensuring optimal water quality and system reliability. Our Applications Specialists will help you determine the appropriate maintenance plan to fit your needs. 
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Qualification & Validation Support

Designed to facilitate laboratory validation procedures Merck Millipore's Qualification Program covers all the elements required for successful qualification of your Merck Millipore laboratory water purification system.
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Merck Millipore Technical Assistance

Our office-based technical support groups are there when you need them, offering over-the-phone advice on applications and systems use. If you require an on-site visit, Merck Millipore Field Service Engineers are located around the world – ready to visit your site.
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Seminars and Training Support

Merck Millipore regularly organizes seminars worldwide, covering water purification techniques, removal of contaminants, and optimization of water purification systems. Click here to learn more about Lab Water Seminars.

Need training tailored to your specific needs? Our Applications Specialists and Field Service Support Teams can provide you with customized, on-site training. To learn more, contact us today.


Millitrack® Compliance

Millitrack® Compliance

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The Waterline Club - A section devoted to scientists and researchers.

The Waterline Club
A section devoted to scientists and researchers.

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Apr 18
18/04/15 - 22/04/15
AACR Annual Meeting
Philadelphia Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Water Purification,Reagents Chemicals and Labware,Life Science Research,Industrial Biomonitoring,IVD/OEM Materials and Reagents,Analytics and Sample Preparation North America 20150418
Apr 17
17/04/15 - 23/04/15
CETA 23rd Annual Meeting
Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort
Destin, FL, USA
Water Purification,Industrial Biomonitoring North America 20150417
Apr 27
27/04/15 - 28/04/15
Lab Design Conference
Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel
Atlanta, GA, USA
Water Purification,Analytics and Sample Preparation North America 20150427
Apr 27
27/04/15 - 30/04/15
Fourth International Conference Cancer Immunotherapy & Immunomonitoring (CITIM)
Hotel Lev Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Water Purification,Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals,Reagents Chemicals and Labware,Life Science Research,Industrial Biomonitoring,IVD/OEM Materials and Reagents,Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing,Analytics and Sample Preparation Europe 20150427