ZRXQ005T0 | Milli-Q Integral 5 Pure (5 L/hour) and Ultrapure Water Production Unit with built-in resistivity and TOC meter

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      Catalogue Number ZRXQ005T0
      Trade Name
      • Milli-Q
      Description Milli-Q Integral 5 Pure (5 L/hour) and Ultrapure Water Production Unit with built-in resistivity and TOC meter
      Product Information
      Cartridge Used
      • Quantum
      • Progard
      Feed Water Nature
      • Potable Tap Water
      Product Water Particulates, units/mL <1 for particulates >0.22 μm (with Millipak filter with Millipore Express membrane or BioPak filter as POD Pak)
      Product Water Volume
      • 100 L/Day
      Water Quality
      • Type 2
      • Type 1
      Maximum Differential Pressure, bar (psid) 6 (87)
      Application Up to 120 L per day
      Biological Information
      Product Water DNase, pg/µL < 4 (with BioPak filter as POD Pak)
      Product Water Microorganisms, cfu/mL <1 (with Millipak filter with Millipore Express membrane or BioPak filter as POD Pak)
      Product Water Pyrogens (Endotoxins), EU/mL < 0.001 (with BioPak filter as POD Pak)
      Product Water RNase, ng/mL < 0.01 (with BioPak filter as POD Pak)
      Physicochemical Information
      Product Water Conductivity, µS/cm @ 25°C 0.056
      Flow Rate (L/h) 5
      Flow Rate (L/min) Up to 2
      Product Water Resistivity, MΩ·cm (@ 25 °C)
      • Ultrapure Water: 18.2
      • Pure Water: > 5
      Product Water TOC, ppb
      • Ultrapure water: < 5
      • Pure water: < 30
      • 230 V / 50–60 Hz
      • 100 V / 50 Hz
      • 120 V / 60 Hz
      Depth, cm (in)
      • Pod Delivery unit: 23 (9)
      • Production unit: 48.4 (19)
      Height, cm (in) Production unit: 50 (19.7)
      Pod delivery unit: 57.9 (22.8)
      Operating Weight, kg (lb) Production unit: 24–28 (52.9–61.7)
      Pod delivery unit: 4.7 (10.36)
      Product Water Instant Delivery, L/min 2
      Width, cm (in) 33.2 (13.07)
      Materials Information
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Product Use It provides pressurized, bacteria-free water through E­POD (Elix-Point-of-Delivery) units and Milli­Q ultrapure water through Q­POD (Quality-Point-of-Delivery) units
      Country Nonspecific
      Validation Support Full Support
      WEEE Directive In the European Union, this product will be considered Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) at the end of its life. Please click here for details on returning it for recycling.
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Packaging Information
      Material Size 1
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information


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      How do I use the Volumetric dispense feature on my MQ Advantage/ MQ Integral?Make sure the system is in the ready mode. Press the + or – buttons to reach the desired dispense volume. Place your beaker below the Q Pod you have just programmed. Press the dispense button (graduated cylinder). The system will start and stop automatically when the desired water volume is reached.
      How do I stop a volumetric dispense cycle already in progress?Press the dispense button (graduated cylinder) at any time during the cycle.
      Can I see how long my Paks have been installed, as well as the next replacement date?From the ready mode, use the up or down arrow to highlight the menu option. Press the right arrow to reach the ready menu. Use the down arrow to highlight the consumable status menu and press the right arrow. This will open a list of consumables for your system. Highlight the desired item using the up and down arrows. The Qgard and Quantum screens will display the pak lot number and catalog number, installation date, days remaining and water volume processed. The Pod pak information must be manually entered at the time of replacement to be valid in this menu. The UV lamps will display date installed and days remaining.
      How many POD’s can I connect to my MQ Advantage or MQ Integral system?You can connect up to 3 POD’s to your MQ Advantage or MQ Integral system.
      Can I add a UV lamp, E gard filter, E POD to my new Elix water system?Yes, the 254 nm UV, E gard and E POD upgrade kits are available for your Elix system.
      Will the water from my MQ Advantage / MQ Integral system be endotoxin free?It can be. The BioPak filter can be used to provide pyrogen free water.
      Will my left-over Q Gard A and Quantum EX cartridges work in my MQ Advantage?No, the cartridges used in the Century range MQ systems will not work with your new MQ Advantage.
      I just replaced the cartridges in my MQ Advantage A10. Why won’t the system give me a TOC reading?When the cartridges on the MQ Advantage are replaced, the system requires 10 liters of water to flush through the system before a TOC reading will be displayed. Put the system into ready mode. Click the trigger down for full flow. Eirect the water to a sink or drain for six minutes. Return the system to ready mode. The next time the system recirculates or water is drawn a TOC measurement will be taken.
      I want to enter the Manager Menu but I have forgotten the login and password.The default login is USER. The default password is PASS.
      How can I calibrate the flow rate of my system?This feature is found in the manager menu. From standby, highlight the menu line and press the right arrow. This brings you to the standby menu Use the down arrow to highlight “Setup” and press the right arrow. Use the down arrow to highlight “Flow Calibration” and then press the right arrow. Place a 1.0 liter graduated cylinder under the Q Pod outlet and press the check mark. Press the dispense button (graduated cylinder) on the Q Pod. Water will now automatically dispense from the Q Pod. Once the system has stopped, measure the volume of water dispensed. Enter the amount of water using the up and down arrows and press the check mark to register the flow calibration. Return the system to the ready mode.
      My system is asking me to clean the inlet strainer. Where is my inlet strainer?The inlet strainer is a small screen contained inside the half inch connector attached to your feed line. The tubing that connects your system to your source water is attached via a white plastic connector. Inside this connector is a small screen that needs to be cleared of any debris. The feed water will need to be turned off and the plastic connector will need to be unscrewed from the feed line. This will expose the screen for cleaning.
      What consumables are used for this system?QGARD00R1 – Qgard 1 Purification Pack (RO, Elix, Distilled feed) 1/pk commonly used
      QGARD00D2 – Qgard 2 Purification Pack (DI Feed Water) 1/pk commonly used
      QGARD00D3 – Qgard 3 Purification Pack (DI Feed w/ high silt) 1/pk special applications
      QGARD00VX – Qgard VX Purific. Pack (RO, Elix, Distilled feed) 1/pk special applications
      QGARD00B1 – Qgard Boron Purification Pack (used w/ Element) 1/pk special applications
      QTUM000IX – Qtum IX (Ionex Resin, for RO/Elix feed) 1/pk commonly used
      QTUM000EX – Qtum EX (Organex Resin for DI feed) 1/pk commonly used
      QTUM000VX – Qtum VX (Volatile Organex Resin) 1/pk special applications
      QTUMMPEIX – Qtum IX w/ Millipak Express 20 Kit commonly used
      QTUMMPEEX – Qtum EX w/ Millipak Express 20 Kit commonly used
      CDUFHF05K – Pyrogard Hollow-Fiber UF Cartridge (contact technical support before ordering)
      QTUMMPKEX – Organex Qtum with Millipak 40 Kit
      QTUMMPKIX – Ionex Qtum w/ Millipak 40 Kit
      ZMQUVLP01 – UV Lamp for Century Gradient and Synthesis commonly used
      ZFA10UVM1 – Replacement A10 UV Lamp for Milli-Q A10 Systems commonly used
      MPGP02001 – Millipak Express 20 Final Filter 0.22 um commonly used
      MPGL04SK2 – Millipak-40 Final Filter 0.22 um 2/pk commonly used
      QUVLQSL01 – UV lamp for the 1996 Range Gradient and Synthesis commonly used
      MPPVICPK1 – Optimizer Final Filter for Milli-Q Element only special applications
      CDUFBI001 – Biopak UF Cartridge 1/pk

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