4000-0040 | Guava ViaCount Reagent for Flow Cytometry, 100 tests

Guava ViaCount uses two DNA binding dyes to identify viable, dead and apoptotic cells.
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      Catalogue Number 4000-0040
      Trade Name
      • Guava
      Description Guava ViaCount Reagent for Flow Cytometry, 100 tests
      Overview Rapid and reliable
      The ViaCount Assay provides rapid and reliable determinations of viability and total cell count on all Guava® Systems. Precise, accurate assessments can be made with a wide variety of cell lines, even those with unusual culture conditions or a tendency to aggregate.

      A simple no-wash, mix-and-read procedure, the ViaCount Assay accurately determines absolute total cell counts, viability assessments, and apoptotic percentages with as little as 20 μL of sample.

      Accurate and precise
      The assay has proven to be more accurate than hemocytometer counting or impedence-based counting over a wide range of cell concentrations without the use of expensive reference beads. And, by providing data on all three types of cell populations in a single measurement, the Guava ViaCount Assay enables a more precise evaluation of culture conditions and viable cell populations so you can best optimize culture conditions. Precise, accurate cell counts provide more consistency for experiments that depend upon accurate determination of viable cells for success, such as ELISpot, cell-based fluorescence assays, or cytokine production assays.
      Distinguishes viable, dead, and apoptotic cells

      The ViaCount Assay distinguishes viable and non-viable cells based on differential permeabilities of two DNA-binding dyes in the Guava ViaCount® Reagent. The nuclear dye stains only nucleated cells, while the viability dye brightly stains dying cells. This proprietary combination of dyes enables the Guava ViaCount Assay to distinguish viable, apoptotic, and dead cells. Debris is excluded from results based on negative staining with the nuclear dye. For use with all instruments. Click here for more information regarding Instrument Compatibility
      Product Information
      Application The ViaCount Assay provides rapid & reliable determinations of viability & total cell count on all Guava Flow Cytometers.
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      Usage Statement
      • Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
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      Certificates of Analysis

      TitleLot Number
      Guava ViaCount® Reagent - 40 mL (100 Tests) 13-0124
      Guava ViaCount® Reagent - 40 mL (100 Tests) 13-0322
      Guava ViaCount® Reagent - 40 mL (100 Tests) 13-0617
      Guava ViaCount® Reagent - 40 mL (100 Tests) 13-0415
      Guava ViaCount® Reagent - 40 mL (100 Tests) 13-0198
      Guava ViaCount® Reagent-40 mL(100 Tests) - 14-0039 14-0039
      Guava ViaCount® Reagent-40 mL(100 Tests) - 14-0155 14-0155


      Guava Cell Health Profiling

      Technical Info and Required Licenses

      Assessing apoptosis in cell cultures quickly and easily using the Guava ViaCount Assay
      At-line monitoring of cell cultures: Rapid cytometric evaluation of cellular physiology
      Comparing Quantitative Viability Bioassays: An Evaluation of MTT, alamarBlue, and Guava ViaCount Methods
      Demonstrating the superiority of the Guava ViaCount Cell Counting/Viability Assay over the Trypan blue method
      Enhanced precision of Elispot assays with the Guava ViaCount method of cell counting
      Monitoring apoptosis using four different assays on the Guava PCA System
      Reducing Variation in Elispot assays
      Screening compounds for apoptotic and cytotoxic activity with the Guava PCA-96 Microplate-based Benchtop Cell Analysis System
      Validating the Guava ViaCount Cell Dispersal Reagent Assay

      Data Sheet

      Flow Cytometry Solutions—from Core Lab to Your Lab
      Guava ViaCount Assay


      How many cells do I need for analysis?Guava Technologies recommends running samples with a concentration from 10,000 to 500,000 cells/mL. As few as 2,000 cells can be used per sample.  
      Can bacteria be run on the Guava Systems?Many strains of bacteria are visible on the Guava EasyCyte Plus System, but Guava Technologies does not, at this time, have a dedicated software interface or protocol for bacteria staining, acquisition, and data interpretation.

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