CellASIC® ONIX Live Cell Analysis

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Take Control. Design Dynamic Experiments the CellASIC Way.

The easy-to-use CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Platform delivers precise control for live cell analysis experiments by facilitating long-term perfusion cell culture. Cutting-edge microfluidics technology provides an improved cell culture microenvironment, exceptional quality for high magnification microscopy, and superior media switching capabilities.

Dynamic Environmental Control Over Live Cells

Measure cell responses to pre-programmed perfusion, temperature, and gas environment changes. The CellASIC® Microfluidic Platform automates all the requirements for long term control of the cell culture environment, giving you the control you need to discover new science.

  • Preprogrammed changes to gas, temperature and flow for hands-free operation
  • Software-driven flow switching with customizable flow rates
  • Glass bottom plates are optimized for inverted microscope visualization.

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Bio-Inspired Microfluidic Plates for Optimized Cell Culture

CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Plates are designed to optimize the health of specific cells during dynamic live cell experiments, including analyses requiring long-term culture, by creating a more in vivo-like environment. Application-specific plate designs give you the flexibility to probe the questions that interest you most and make it easy to view multiple microchambers in parallel.

  • Multiple application-specific plates provide flexible experimental design
  • Compatible with multiple cell and experiment types, including primary cells
  • Long-term live cell analysis up to 3 days, in multiple chambers in parallel

  • View details of specific microfluidic plates

    Shocking Stanford Video


    Learn how Stanford Researchers used the CellASIC® ONIX System to gain insight into the resilience of cell wall growth offering promise for new strategies to fight bacterial diseases.

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    Engineered Drug Delivery


    Learn how advances in microfluidics technologies like the CellASIC® ONIX System are providing new opportunities for improving the engineering and evaluation of drug delivery particles.

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    CellASIC® ONIX Testimonial Video

    In this video, Dr. Ethan Garner, Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University, discusses how the CellASIC® platform has helped his laboratory conduct live cell perturbation analysis of bacteria.

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    CellASIC® ONIX Webinar

    Understanding infectious disease through dynamic live cell analysis:
    Hemorrhagic fever viruses and ticks work together: live cell analysis reveals how.

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