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When it comes to developing innovative culture media for microbiological applications, Merck Millipore clearly sets the standard with its over 120 years of cumulative expertise. As a worldwide leader in this field, we offer state-of-the-art, turnkey solutions in a comprehensive approach to meet the needs of customers in the food and beverages industries. Our portfolio of Dehydrated Culture Media (DCM) spans more than 300 formulations, many of which were purpose-developed for culturing a narrow range of micro-organisms or individual species, and we are constantly expanding this range. But our commitment to customers doesn’t end with providing outstanding variety and unsurpassed quality: We also cater for any quantities: No requirement is too large or too small for us to manage.

Safe, standardized and comprehensive solutions are the key building blocks of Merck Millipore’s philosophy. This set of features distinguishes our product range from that of other suppliers and demonstrates our performance at its best. The outstanding reliability of our products and services is the result of our meticulous quality control.

Moreover, we not only offer traditional culture media, but also rapid enrichment media – another step forward in our mission to constantly expand our range of innovations in industrial microbiology.

The advantages of Merck Millipore’s Granulated Culture Media over powdered media

Merck Millipore’s traditional dehydrated culture media are based on a unique granulation technology which guarantees that our products provide maximum convenience and safety, while meeting the highest industry performance standards as laid out in ISO 11133. Media granulation significantly reduces the formation of dust, thereby minimizing not only the working environment contamination: this property vastly limits the spread of hazardous media components and other substances which are not commonly regarded as hazardous but may lead to allergic reactions if they are inhaled by staff.

The animal components we use for our media (except some derived from milk) are exclusively sourced from TSE/BSE-free countries and are in accordance with the highest safety standards. We select only premium raw materials to guarantee high recovery and growth rates, which are essential for subsequent rapid testing. Merck Millipore’s granulated culture media possess excellent wettability, solubility and free-flowing properties, making them much easier to use than traditional powdered media. Granulated culture media are also more homogenous, thereby minimizing the separation of components and clumping even under warm or humid conditions and prolonging the shelf life of products to up to five years. The granulation process allows many supplements to be included, which eliminates the need to purchase and add these yourself.

Your benefits

Safer: Minimizes airborne toxins and allergens, allergic responses and workplace contamination
Accurate: Prevents component separation and clumping even under humid or warm conditions
Fast: Dissolves rapidly in water
Easier: Superior flow and non-sticking properties for easier handling
Reliable: Homogenous distribution of ingredients assures high reproducibility even with small media quantities


Rapidcult™ E. coli Enrichment Broth reduces your time to result for testing of EHEC and other E.coli significantly.

Merck Millipore’s new Rapidcult™ E. coli Enrichment Broth is a unique medium for fast enrichment of pathogenic Escherichia coli (including E. coli O157) from food samples – it delivers its results in only 8 to 12 hours. Compared with at least 24 hours until evaluation when using classical enrichment media, and with 18 hours for other improved E. coli media, this saves you valuable and often crucial time.

Time is crucial for sensitive food products
Quality is critical to protect your brand. But time and quality often conflict, especially when it comes to testing for contamination in the production of meat or vegetables. This is time-consuming and slows your workflow. Speeding up the testing process allows food products to be released earlier, saving you not only time but also money – and the products reach your retailers and consumers in a fresher condition.

Applications for Rapidcult™ E. coli Enrichment Broth
Merck Millipore’s Rapidcult™ E. coli enrichment broth speeds up enrichment of pathogenic Escherichia coli (including E. coli O157) from food samples and is particularly useful when testing ground beef and beef trim. Its validation is consistent with USDA-FSIS guidance when used in combination with our foodproof E. coli O157 Real-time PCR Kits or Singlepath E. coli O157 Lateral Flow Tests. (Direct any questions about using this product in USDA-FSIS-regulated facilities to AskFSIS.)

However, E. coli O157 is not the only pathogenic Escherichia coli. Other verotoxin-producing E. coli bacteria (EHEC) are dangerous as well. Initial results have shown that Rapidcult™ E. coli Enrichment Broth is suitable for enriching other serotypes of pathogenic E. coli from a variety of foods, such as vegetables, apple juice, milk and other dairy products.

This is why Rapidcult™ E. coli Enrichment Broth catalyzes your workflow:
  • Fast: Can reduce time to result from more than 18 down to 8-12 hour
  • Flexible: Allows you to incubate for 8 to 12 hours or, to fit with your workflow, up to 22 hours
  • Efficient: Shorter times to result speeds up product release. The products reach retailers and consumers in a fresher condition
  • High yield: Increased growth of E. coli due to special composition of media
  • Reliable: Validation is consistent with USDA-FSIS guidance
  • High-quality: Comprehensive inclusivity study has confirmed improved growth of all E .coli strains tested
  • Quality control process meets ISO 11133 guidelines
  • Granulated for maximum safety and convenience.

Subsequent testing of E. coli O157 and EHEC
After enrichment of E. coli you can choose any microbiological method for detection, depending on your available time to result. Merck Millipore’s Rapidcult™ E. coli Enrichment Broth is perfectly optimized to the requirements of the following methods to reduce the risk of false negative results:

  • It perfectly complements Merck Millipore’s Duopath Verotoxins Lateral Flow Kit. Direct subsequent detection of the Verotoxins 1 and 2 from the enriched sample using the Duopath Verotoxins Kit provides fast results of these emerging pathogens within only 24 hours, thus ensuring maximum convenience.
  • Duopath Verotoxins Lateral Flow tests include a built-in control reaction. These AOAC-RI approved devices deliver definite results within 20 minutes after sample enrichment.


Rapidcult E. coli Brochure

Rapidcult E. coli

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