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Mammalian cell culture is a key step in your production process. Mobius® single-use manufacturing offers a range of products, services and solutions to meet your particular mammalian cell culture needs. You can select from a range of single-use options including bioreactors, mixers, connectors, storage containers and hardware.

All Mobius® single-use containers are made with our PureFlex™ film ensuring consistent performance throughout your process as well as streamlining validation requirements.

Mobius® CellReady Bioreactor Systems turnkey systems offer you ease of use, reliability and operational flexibility. Mobius® Assemblies and Storage Hardware offer reliable, fast and flexible bioprocessing
Mobius® FlexReady Solutions for TFF offers you fast, reliable, robust filtration performance Mobius® Mixing solution integrates powder delivery, mixing and filtration technology offering economic and processing flexibility
Film Technology for disposable process containers assembled with our PureFlex™ and PureFlex™ Plus single-use films. Lynx® Connectors and NovaSeal® Crimper offer sterile connection and disconnection reliability and performance
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Perfusion Applications in Mobius® CellReady Bioreactors

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