MSP000814 | EZ-Pak Filters 0.45µm 47mm black gridded

4 bands of 150 filters  
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      Key Spec Table

      Catalogue Number MSP000814
      Trade Name
      • EZ-Pak
      Description EZ-Pak Filters 0.45µm 47mm black gridded
      Overview EZ-Pak membranes and dispenser revolutionize filter handling for MF method testing by combining the benefits of ready-to-use, sterile, individually-packed membranes with unique handling ease. From convenient, ready-to-use test kits to individual tools, simply select the items that are right for you.
      Product Information
      Filter Color Black
      Application General microbiological analysis
      Key Applications
      • Wine
      • Beer
      • Bottled Water
      • Cider
      • Clinical Lab
      • Cosmetics
      • Environmental Analysis
      • Food and Beverage
      • Industrial QC
      • Soft Drink
      • Sport Drink
      • Sport Drink
      Biological Information
      Media MF-Millipore
      Sterility Sterile
      Physicochemical Information
      Pore Size (µm) 0.45
      Filter Surface Gridded
      Filter Diameter (mm) 47
      Materials Information
      • Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE)
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Packaging Information
      Material Size 4 bands of 150 filters
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information



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      Certificates of Quality

      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F2HA02198N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F2HA02201N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F2HA02208N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F2JA02568N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F2KA29522N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F2MA68867N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F2NA37733N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F2PA43133N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F2PA45832N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3AA73314N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3BA73315N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3BA73316N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3BA79979N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3CA38985N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3DA42448N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3DA79985N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3HA53267N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3HA53270N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3JA05205N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3JA05206N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3MA25099N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3NA84596N
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3PA17635
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3PA59865
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F3PA99395
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F4AA60745
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F4AA60746
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F4KA77922
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F5BA32976
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4BA19941
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4BA76887
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4BA76888
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4BA90005
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4DA76886
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4HA25751
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4JA77917
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4JA77920
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4MA77923
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4MA88011
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4NA08595
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4NA08596
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F4PA08598
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F5AA32974
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F5CA32978
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F5CA72457
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F5CA76828
      EZ-PAK® MEMBRANE - F5DA72458
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F4CA70626
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F4HA42430
      EZ-PAK MEMBRANE - F4PA08597


      EZ-Pak® Dispenser and Membranes

      Data Sheet

      EZ-Pad NutrientMedia Pad Kit

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      HABG047S6 S-Pak Filters 0.45µm 47mm black gridded Show Pricing & Availability

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