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Filter Units with Microporous Durapore PVDF Membrane · Catalogue No. Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon Pore Size (µm)icon Color Codeicon Sterilityicon Pack Sizeicon
UFC30DV00Ultrafree-MC DV Centrifugal Filter0.65PurpleNon-Sterile100 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30DV0SUltrafree-MC DV Centrifugal Filter0.65PurpleSterile50 (5x10) Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30DV25Ultrafree-MC DV Centrifugal Filter0.65PurpleNon-Sterile25 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30GV00Ultrafree-MC GV Centrifugal Filter0.22YellowNon-Sterile100 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30GV0SUltrafree-MC GV Centrifugal Filter0.22YellowSterile50 (5x10) Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30GV25Ultrafree-MC GV Centrifugal Filter0.22YellowNon-Sterile25 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30GVNBUltrafree-MC GV Centrifugal Filter0.22YellowNon-Sterile250 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30HV00Ultrafree-MC HV Centrifugal Filter0.45RedNon-Sterile100 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30HV25Ultrafree-MC HV Centrifugal Filter0.45RedNon-Sterile25 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30HVNBUltrafree-MC HV Centrifugal Filter0.45RedNon-Sterile250 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30SV00Ultrafree-MC SV Centrifugal Filter5.0Dark greenNon-Sterile100 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30VV00Ultrafree-MC VV Centrifugal Filter0.1OrangeNon-Sterile100 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30VV25Ultrafree-MC VV Centrifugal Filter0.1OrangeNon-Sterile25 Show Pricing & Availability

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Filter Units with Microporous Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon Pore Size (µm)icon Color Codeicon Sterilityicon Pack Sizeicon
UFC30LG25Ultrafree-MC LG Centrifugal Filter0.2YellowNon-Sterile25 Show Pricing & Availability
UFC30LH25Ultrafree-MC LH Centrifugal Filter0.45RedNon-Sterile25 Show Pricing & Availability

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    Protein purification and preparation.

    Technical Info

    Separation of Bound From Unbound Label with the Ultrafree-MC Filter Unit Following Protein Radiolabeling

    Data Sheet

    Maximize the Performance of your UHPLC System


    Centrifugal Filters Guide to Converting g-Force to RPM


    Is the Ultrafree MC/CL available with a PTFE membrane? Yes, the Ultrafree MC/CL is available is with a either a 0.22um or 0.45um "LCR" hydrophilic PTFE membrane. These products are available in packages of twenty-five units under the following catalog numbers: 0.22 micron - UFC3 0LG 25 and 0.45 micron - UFC3 0LH 25.
    Can I purchase the 1.5mL Ultrafree MC microcentrifuge tubes separately? Yes, the 1.5mL microcentrifuge tubes which are sold with the Ultrafree MC filter unit are available separately under product number UFC3000TB.
    Is the Ultrafree MC sterile or autoclavable? It is not autoclavable. However, it is offered sterile in the 0.22 mm (catalog number UFC30GV0S), 0.45 mm (catalog number UFC30HV0S), 0.65 mm (catalog number UFC30DV0S), and 10 kDa (catalog number UFC3LGC0S).
    What are the hold-up volumes of the Ultrafree MC and CL units? The hold-up volumes are as follows:
    CL 30ul
    What are the membrane types available in Ultrafree MC or Ultrafree CL? Both the Ultrafree MC and Ultrafree CL are available with the Durapore Microporous Membrane. This is a low protein binding membrane available in 0.1u, 0.22u, 0.45 and 0.65u pore sizes.
    What are the dimensions of the Ultrafree MC? Ultrafree MC has a diameter of 10.6 mm and a length of 45 mm.

    User Guides

    Ultrafree®-MC and -CL Centrifugal Filter Devices User Guide