Cell Health Kits for Flow Cytometry

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Benchtop flow cytometry facilitates discrimination between induction of DNA damage, oxidative stress and protein misfolding using a novel multicell GFP reporter assay.


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Like all living systems, cell cultures are dynamic, and Trypan blue just can’t tell you much beyond an approximation of count and viability. Confidence in your experimental results begins with knowing the comprehensive health status of your cellular sample - and flow cytometry is the quickest way to get the quantitative, cell-by-cell picture of viability, apoptosis, and autophagy that tells the whole story.

For many research disciplines, measuring viability and means of cell stress and death is a fundamental gauge of the effects of drugs and toxins. Whether your work is in drug discovery, toxicology, oncotherapeutics - or you just need to keep on top of your cultures - we have dependable FlowCellect™ kits for essential assays that assess mitochondrial state, cell growth, epigenetics, cell cycle, and more.

MilliporeSigma’s FlowCellect kits and Milli-Mark conjugated primary antibodies are fully optimized for fast, easy, and accurate multiparametric flow cytometry. We’ve taken the guesswork out of assay development so you can focus on your results. Assay components are highly stable so you can run samples sequentially or as a large group, without compromising results.

The combination of user friendly software with optimized, turnkey assay kits provides many benefits, including reduced sample preparation time, shortened assay development, low-cost multiplexing capability without the need for compensation, and ease of detection. Or you can build your own assay with any compatible flow cytometry reagents, and use automated compensation following acquisition.

Flow Cytometry & Imaging Kits

  • Specialized Kits
    • No-wash format, or fewer incubation and wash steps.
    • Ideal for many common cell health applications & recombinant protein testing.
  • FlowCellect Kits
    • Multiplexing capabilities.
    • Easy to use, with fewer incubation and wash steps, and high sample stability.
    • Fully validated and concentration-optimized, guaranteed to work in flow cytometry.

Flow Cytometry & Imaging Antibodies

  • MilliMark Conjugated Antibodies
    • Most versatile and stable antibody format available
    • Build your own assays for Immunophenotyping, Activation, and Immune Response.
    • Cross-platform validated.

An expanding portfolio of reagent kits is validated specifically for use on easyCyte™ flow cytometers, and is cross-platform tested on traditional sheath-based flow cytometers. Common assays include apoptosis, cell counting and viability, cell signaling, cell cycle progression, chemokine receptor levels, and stem cell phenotypes. All reagents (except cells) are included and thus no assay development time is needed. In addition, assay-specific software modules enable researchers to obtain significant data