Chromabolt® Prepacked Chromatography Columns

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Prepacked Chromatography Columns for Ease of Use in Manufacturing Facilities

Chromabolt® is a family of columns prepacked with our chromatography resins and designed for early clinical stage manufacturing. These prepacked chromatography columns free up end users valuable time and resources by eliminating manual packing and cleaning.

Automated column packing process. Watch now!

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Chromabolt® prepacked chromatography columns are characterized by:
  • Robust column design to withstand damage in everyday use
  • 20 cm and 32 cm i.d. columns on castors
  • Compatible with all currently available chromatography systems and connections

Chromabolt® prepacked chromatography columns: discover how easy they are to use.

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Chromatography Media Available in Chromabolt® Prepacked Columns

  Chromabolt® Columns Chromabolt® Basic Columns
Multi-modal Cation Exchanger   Eshmuno® HCX
Strong Cation Exchanger Eshmuno® S
Fractogel® EMD SO3 (M)
Fractogel® EMD SE Hicap (M)
Eshmuno® CPX
Weak Cation Exchanger Fractogel® EMD COO (M)  
Strong Anion Exchanger Eshmuno® Q
Fractogel® EMD TMAE HiCap (M)
Fractogel® EMD TMAE (M)
Weak Anion Exchanger Fractogel® EMD DEAE (M)  
Affinity Resins Eshmuno® A  

Find more information on Chromabolt® Basic columns:
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Types of Chromabolt® Prepacked Chromatography Columns

We offer two different prepacked column formats: Chromabolt®, the original format and Chromabolt® Basic columns that are less fully validated. Chromabolt® Basic columns are manufactured, packed and tested to the same high quality as the original Chromabolt® columns. The table below illustrates the slight difference between the two column types.

  Chromabolt® Columns Chromabolt® Basic Columns
Manufacturing ISO 9001 Site Yes Yes
HETP Test Yes Yes
Asymmetry Test Yes Yes
Flow Rate Test Yes Yes
Bioburden/Endotoxin Yes Yes
Materials of Construction Yes Yes
Design Yes Yes
Automated Manufacturing Equipment Yes Yes
Certificate of Quality/Analysis Yes Yes
User Guide Yes Yes
Validation Guide Yes
Shelf-life Yes
Shipping Validation Yes

If you are interested in 1 cm i.d. x 20 cm bed height Chromabolt® pre-packed columns for research purposes only, please contact your local sales representative.

Learn about our Shipping Studies

Critical to providing robust prepacked chromatography columns is the assurance that the columns will maintain resin specifications during shipping. Our extensive testing has demonstrated that we maintain a consistent packed bed at all three column sizes no matter what the shipping environment Chromabolt® columns are subjected to. All three sizes of columns are tested for HETP, Asymmetry and flow pre and post shipping under the ISTA-1E testing protocol.

Asymmetry Pre- and Post Shipping for Eshmuno® A Resin

Asymmetry Pre- and Post Shipping for Eshmuno® A Resin
Test results for Asymmetry pre- and post shipping under the ISTA-1E protocol.

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Asymmetry Pre- and Post Shipping for Fractogel® EMD TMAE HiCap Resin

Asymmetry pre- and post shipping for Fractogel® EMD TMAE HiCap resin
Asymmetry was tested in 400mM NaCL pre- and post shipping on all three column sizes. Dashed red lines indicate specification. Asymmetry between 0.7-1.8.

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Ergonomics: Column Design

The Chromabolt® column was engineered and designed to make it:

  • intuitive to use
  • simple to wipe clean
  • easy for one person to transport

Each piece of the Chromabolt® column has been designed to safely and robustly purify drug products.

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Learn more on the ergonomic advantages, ease of use, and the functional design of Chromabolt® columns by watching these vodcasts and video:

Time Savings: Column Economics

The advantages of fast turnaround time for Chromabolt® columns are demonstrated when comparing the hours required for setup and cleaning of traditional hardware columns as compared to prepacked columns.

Estimated time savings assuming packing of resin is successful on the first try.
Estimated time savings assuming packing of resin is successful on the first try.

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