Eshmuno® IEX Chromatography Family of Resins


The Next Generation
IEX Chromatography Media

For Efficient Downstream Processing

A unique family of ion exchangers designed for highly productive downstream purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other biomolecules. Based on the proven tentacle technology, its rigid base beads enable easy packing. In addition to their high binding capacity and excellent pressure-flow behavior, our Eshmuno® ion exchangers feature high selectivity, making it the most efficient resin available for impurity removal. Using Eshmuno® resins, you can achieve an outstanding productivity in your downstream processing, resulting in substantial savings in development time and manufacturing costs.

Eshmuno® resins are ion-exchange resins with an innovative tentacle structure that is able to bind target substances much more effectively.

Superior Productivity: Effective Binding at Higher Flow Rates

Eshmuno® ion exchange resins carry an innovative tentacle structure that is able to bind target substances much more effectively. These resins combine this superior tentacle technology with the advantages of a new rigid hydrophilic polyvinyl ether base matrix. This combination allows the use of much higher flow rates while the biomolecule is still strongly bound by the tentacle.

Tentacle Ion Exchange Chromatography Technology: How it Works

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Robust and Safe Packing

Eshmuno® ion exchangers can be easily packed into production scale columns, either by simple flow packing or axial compression. Different packing fluid options are available for a flexible and robust packing operation.

Eshmuno® Ion Exchange Media
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