Luminex® Multiplexing Instruments

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Achieve low concentration human serum cytokines using MILLIPLEX® High-Sensitivity Assays. In a new, step-by-step article in JOVE (Journal of Visualized Experimentation), Dr. McFarlin demonstrates how you can measure multiple, low-concentration cytokines in a few easy steps:
  • Serum collection
  • Total protein/lipid analysis
  • Multiplexed detection with MILLIPLEX® High-Sensitivity Cytokine Assay Panel
  • Data analysis with MILLIPLEX® Analyst 5.1 software
Complete multiplexing instrument solutions, combined with the largest portfolio of multiplex assays, give you the maximum power of Luminex® xMAP® technology for biomarker screening and protein analysis. Luminex® multiplexing instruments offer the only solution for applications requiring both high density and high throughput at the same time. 

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As a Luminex® partner, we are a preferred distributor of the entire Luminex portfolio of multiplexing instruments, including Luminex 200™, FLEXMAP 3D® and the MAGPIX® platforms, covering the full range of multiplexing capabilities.

MILLIPLEX® Analyst 5.1 Software for Multiplexing InstrumentThe best analytical software available for all Luminex® instruments, including MAGPIX®, Luminex® 200 and FLEXMAP 3D® systems.

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Magpix Luminex 100/200 FLEXMAP 3D
Luminex 100®/200®
xPONENT® 4.2   xPONENT® 3.1 xPONENT® 4.2
Optic LED/CCD Camera   Lasers/APDs/PMTs Lasers/APDs/PMTs
Hardware Fluorescent Imager   Flow Cytometry based Flow Cytometry based
Bead Compatibility Magnetic  Magnetic and non-Magnetic Magnetic and non-Magnetic
Multiplex Capacity 50 100 (80 for MagPlex) 500
Read Time
~60 mins/96 well plate   ~40 mins/96 well plate ~20 mins/96 well plate
Protein/Nucleic Acid   Protein/Nucleic Acid Protein/Nucleic Acid
Dynamic Range
3.5 logs 3.5 logs 4.5 logs
Microtiter Plate
96 well   96 well 96 well & 384 well
Footprint including PC
(linear bench space)
64.8 cm (24")  80.0 cm (32") 64.8 cm (24")
Weight (Analyzer) 17.5 kg (38.5 lbs.)   49 kg (113 lbs.) 77.1 kg (170 lbs.)