Assays for Muse® Cell Analyzer

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Muse AssaysFor the assays you rely on most, we’ve developed optimized kits, validated for robust performance on the Muse® Cell Analyzer. Typical cell preparation protocols have been condensed and simplified, so sample preparation is fast and easy. You don’t need to optimize any software settings – the Muse® instrument calculates all gating parameters and thresholds for you. Spend less time with experimental setup, avoid reagent waste and save money.
What method do you currently use for fundamental cell counting, cell health and signaling assays?
Other Cell Analysis Techniques
Muse® Assays
  • Limited due to low-resolution dye uptake for viability determination
  • Subject to manual counting and calculation error
Muse® Count and Viability Assay
  • Precise, fluorescence-based live/dead cell discrimination 
  • Microcapillary fluidics for direct cell counts with industry-leading accuracy
Brightfield microscopy-based automated hemocytometer/cell analyzer
  • Low accuracy based on small number of cells analyzed, and limited to count and viability measurement
Muse® Assays
  • Fluorescent reagents generate signal based on specificity for unique targets
  • Statistical significance achievable from rapid acquisition of thousands of cells
Western blot and other bulk assays
  • Population heterogeneity is lost when cells are pooled 
  • Methods are time-consuming and require expertise 
  • Reagents must be validated and optimized 
  • Data is qualitative or semi-quantitative at best
Muse® Assays
  • Single cell data is obtained from every sample 
  • Extremely simple ‘pipette only’ assays
  • Validated and optimized for multiple cell types
Large, open-system flow cytometer
  • Reagents must be validated for application
  • Optimization is time-consuming and uses precious sample
  • Software settings must be determined independently
Muse® Assays
  • Fluorescent reagents are chosen for compatibility with lasers and detectors and optimized on multiple cell types 
  • Assays have validated, optimized sample preparation protocols and pre-set software settings