How Amnis® Imaging Flow Cytometry Works

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The ImageStream®X and the FlowSight® acquire up to twelve images simultaneously of each cell or object including brightfield, scatter, and multiple fluorescent images at rates of up to 5000 objects per second with high photonic sensitivity.

The CCD camera operates in TDI (time delay integration) mode that electronically tracks moving objects by moving pixel content from row to row down the rows of pixels in synchrony with the velocity of the object (cell) in flow as measured by the velocity detection system. Aggregate pixel content is collected off the last row of pixels. Imaging in this mode allows for the collection of cell images without streaking and with a high degree of fluorescence sensitivity. TDI imaging combined with spectral decomposition allows the simultaneous acquisition of multiple spectral images (Multispectral Imaging) of each cell in flow.

Detailed analysis of intensity, location, and co-location of probes is achieved using IDEAS® (Image Data Exploration and Analysis Software). IDEAS® offers powerful tools for high content, statistically robust analysis of images, as well as standard flow cytometry graphing tools and statistics for hundreds of morphological features in addition to intensity.